Sunday, 30 September 2012

No panto this year, it’s Shakespeare instead: Wed 26.09.12

The Archers Wednesday 26th September 2012
  • I miss the Panto …
  • Damn you, Stratford upon Avon!
  • Keep a special eye out for Bob Pullen
  • Wonky carrots at Bridge Farm
  • Something electric blue
  • Brenda’s not content with Tom?
  • You shouldn’t say Down’s Syndrome baby

I miss the Panto …

Christmas Around the World last year, and no Panto again this year.


I like an Ambridge Panto, I do.

Damn you, Stratford Upon Avon!

If you hadn’t inspired Lynda, I might have had my Panto.

Instead, Lynda’s has decreed that the Christmas Extravaganza for 2012 will be Shakespearian.

Jim suggests Henry V.

Lynda does not concur.

[Lynda] “Christmas, after all, is a time for laughter and lightness, not death and destruction.”

Though Jim was happy to lend his opinion, he wasn’t so keen to attend the meeting to fox the Christmas plans. Lynda had to strong arm him.

[Lynda] “If the village is to get it right, we need a diversity of voices.”

Vicky didn’t take any persuading. Though she would obviously welcome some distraction from her worries, Lynda has also told Vicky she’s badly needed.

[Vicky] “Lynda needs some artistic expertise …”

[Brenda] “Sounds ominous …”

Indeed it was!

Lynda served volovants.

(which I know is very seventies, but I actually do quite like a volovant).

Anyhoo – the conversation went between whether it should be As You Like It, or Much Ado.



Just do a Panto!!!

(ahem, sorry, excuse me)

They choose Much Ado About Nothing.

Which Lynda desperately wants Jim to play a role in.

[Lynda] “Do you know, I think you’d make a wonderful Dogberry … blending his jobs worthy ambitions with a dry and ironic wit. What do you say?”

Lynda put her sexy voice on at the end of that.

Terrifying …

Keep a special eye out for Bob Pullen

Lynda’s mentioned that he’s looking even more fragile.

Wonky carrots at Bridge Farm

[Tony] “The wonkier they are, the better they taste.”

Ah, Tony’s in fine feckle these days.

That’ll be because he hasn’t got to do every milking, and they’ve even got “casuals” in to  help lift the spuds.

Something electric blue

Is what Brenda has bought Vicky. New maternity wear.

Brenda’s not content with Tom?

Pat’s noticed there’s something not entirely right with Tom.

Now, that could be one of many, many things … and not even woes about his ready meals.

She corners Tom, and gets him to talk.

[Tom] “It’s not the business … it’s Brenda. I’m just, I dunno, sometimes, I’m just not sure she’s as committed to our relationship as I am … whenever I try to talk to her about the future, she always wants to change the subject … I can’t shake off the idea that there’s something else.”

[Pat] “She might just simply be content with what you’re got at the moment, You’re happy, living together, you both have a healthy degree of independence.”

[Tom] “You’re probably right mum, but wouldn’t you like to see us make a bigger commitment. Wouldn’t you like more grandchildren?”

[Pat] “Enjoy what you have together, and let the future unfold as it sees fit. None of us know what’s round the corner, Tom.”

Sound words Pat.

Will Tom listen?

Or will he keep pushing?

The simple answer is that Tom’s easily distracted.

The holiday company he supplied ready meals to has placed another order.
Seems it’s a big one - for meatballs and sausage casserole. They want it for the October half term. AND they want sausage and bacon for their farmhouse packs.

Which makes Tom forget all of his worries about Brenda.

[Tom] “We are a stonkingly good team.”

You shouldn’t say Down’s Syndrome baby

Lynda said it to Vicky.

[Vicky] “You should say baby with down syndrome. It’s about putting the baby first, and the syndrome second, because it’s a baby like another baby, just a bit different.”

Well said Vicky.

This baby is indeed lucky to have you as a mum.


Maartje said...

" [Matt] “You’re probably right mum, but wouldn’t you like to see us make a bigger commitment. Wouldn’t you like more grandchildren?” "

*giggles* surely, you meant Tom?

Thanks for these summaries by the way! I love to read somebody else's thoughts on the way Ambridge folk behave.

Inga McVicar said...


Thanks for spotting - and it's fixed!

Glad you enjoy. Please do keep commenting :)