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Fishing makes everything better: Fri 21.09.12

The Archers Friday 21st September 2012
  • Paul Morgan …
  • Roy and Mike, gone fishing
  • Why can’t Eddie be more like Lilian?

Paul Morgan …

[Darrell] “Paul Morgan.”

[Lilian] “Paul Morgan?”

[Darrell] “Yeah, do you know ‘im?”

[Lilian] “Yeah. We have … met.”

Oho! Darrell was only mentioning to Lilian that he wouldn’t be working for Amside as often because of the Church job. Which Paul Morgan happens to be managing.

Wonder why Matt didn’t make mention of that to Lilian …

Roy and Mike, gone fishing

Which is all Mike really wants. That, and a pint at The Bull.

[Mike] “That will do me a lot more good than belly aching.”

And Mike’s not wrong.

He was at first furious with the way Eddie and Joe had been behaving, but, after a few casts, had a better sense of proportion.

It also helps that Roy (generally) talks sense.

[Roy] “Whatever it is, we can do something about it.”

[Mike] “Not unless we can turn back time, I’m too old Roy … I shan’t the energy for any child, let alone …”

Ah – but Roy points out that Mike has plenty of energy for Phoebe and Abbie.

Mike then worries about Phoebe being frightened of his and Vicky’s baby.

[Roy] “What of?”

[Mike] “Her being different.”

[Roy] “Kids think it’s a good thing to be different, school tells them so.”

Seems Phoebe has a classmate who has a brother than has down’s syndrome. He seemingly likes music (I have no idea why that’s relevant, but it’s what Roy said)

[Roy] “Hayley said something very wise to me … she said, it takes a special person to bring up a child with special needs .. .and you are that person.”

[Mike] “That’s lovely, but I aren’t sure it’s true.”

Roy reckons he’s sure.

Especially as Mike and Vicky have the whole family to depend on.

[Roy] “She is my family, Hayley’s too … and Brenda feels the same way, well she’s in it for the long haul, and so am I.”

And on that note – Mike lands a right fighter.

How apt.

Why can’t Eddie be more like Lilian?

Lilian happens by Mike:

[Lilian] “I heard the news about the baby … well I can’t think of two better to bring her up … and if there’s ever anything I can do.”

Eddie also nearly happens by Mike … but makes his excuses not to stop and chat.

Mike noticed, and was upset. Eddie and Joe have been avoiding him since he told them about his baby having down’s syndrome.

But, later on, Eddie seeks Mike out to apologise.

[Eddie] “It was a shock … it was difficult with dad, he is a bit of a dinosaur … I was so nervous about what he might say … I thought it might be better if we just steered clear for a bit … I’m sorry I’ve been such a pillock about this, honestly, I think this will be one lucky baby to have you and Vicky as parents … it’ll be a hard road, but ain’t it always with kids, lord knows I’ve had enough drama with my two. And if you need anything, anything at all, I’m your man.”

That’s better!

Mike also accepts that Eddie was just finding it as difficult as Mike had found it.

[Mike] “I got me family and friends behind me, and Vicky’s so happy … I’m in a much better place than I was this time last week.”

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