Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hangovers, Bangkok, Chicken and Paul Morgan: Sun 23.09.12

The Archers Sunday 23rd September 2012
  • Lilian’s feeling delicate
  • Should Kenton be boasting about Bangkok?
  • Josh likes Phoebe’s chickens
  • Kate likes Durban
  • Can Lilian leave Paul alone?
  • Fallon and Rhys’ big night out
  • Phoebe prefers Ambridge to South Africa

Lilian’s feeling delicate

She must have been drowning her feelings about Paul Morgan last night …

[Lilian] “That second bottle  might have been a mistake.”

[Matt] “Happy accident. They do say pleasure has its price.”

Matt sounds very chirpy indeed. He’s persuaded Lilian not to work today. Would seem he’s spotted something is up with his Puss

[Lilian] “Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Always the same old thing.”

With Matt knowing Paul is back in the area, he’s surely spotted that he might have competition?

Should Kenton be boasting about Bangkok?

[Kenton] “Bangkok was something else.”

[Fallon] “I don’t know, you come round here with your fancy ways …”

I think Kenton need to shush about Bangkok.

As I mentioned the other day, is it not taking the Michael that they went there when Jill had paid for their trip to new Zealand?

That sort of expansive (and expensive) stop off doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Anyhoo, Kenton obviously doesn’t give a hoot, and waffles on about how bliss it was to stare at fires and cook on rocks.

[Matt] “If you did that here, health and safety would shut you down!”

Josh likes Phoebe’s chickens

The chickens are really Hayley’s responsibility, but Phoebe’s taken over. Seems Abbie is playing up – crying when she’s dropped off at school every day. So Hayley is too stressed to deal with the chickens.

[Josh] “It’s no work at all. Why do adults have to make it so complicated?”

Jennifer happens along.

[Phoebe] “They’ve gone quiet cause they’re eating.”

[Jennifer] “Oh, what lovely manners!”


(does anyone else find it odd when Jennifer is called granny?)

Kate likes Durban

So says Jennifer.

Would seem the sand and sarongs is very much to Kate’s liking.

[Jennifer] “It’s funny, she’s tuning into the very lady of leisure she used to berate me for being.”

As long as Kate’s leisurely life is lived well away from Ambridge (and the secret microphones don’t go for a holiday with her again), I’ll be quite content with that.

Can Lilian leave Paul alone?

Lilian tells Jennifer that Paul Morgan is back on the scene.

[Jennifer] “You have very strong feelings for one another.”

[Lilian] “It was all such a  very long time ago. I think things are best left well alone.”

Well then, Lilian.

Even you can’t believe that’s true.

Fallon and Rhys’ big night out

In thanks for managing The Bull while they were away, Jolene and Kenton are paying for Fallon and Rhys to have a night out.


Wonder where that will lead …

Phoebe prefers Ambridge to South Africa

[Phoebe] “It might not be the most buzzing place in the world, but you know where you are in Ambridge.”


Well said, young lady.


caroline_venezia said...

Welcome back Inga! Yes, I find it odd Jennifer gets called 'granny' - I wouldn't have thought she'd have chosen that, would you?

Inga McVicar said...

Cheers! Should catch up with the next week or so. Just managed up to end of October ... yikes!

Hard to tell with Jennifer, isn't it? She is such a lady snob, but then she is very (very) maternal and family minded.