Sunday, 30 September 2012

Joe and David’s birthday: Tues 18.09.12

The Archers Tuesday 18th September 2012
  • David got bacon and two nights out
  • Pavel just wants to say goodbye
  • Joe got to sit in The Bull all day
  • “Your ever loving sister”
  • Joe’s not very PC

David got bacon and two nights out

He was very chuffed indeed.

Ruth’s taking him away for a night stay over in a hotel, and to the theatre. And this time, they’ll be alone:

[Ruth] “And this time without Ben so I have you all to meself.”

Josh gave David a ticket for the comedy night at The Bull. Though it seems he bought it for himself without realising that it’s for over 18s only. (who sold him it, eh?). But David’s’ not perturbed about his ‘recycled’ present:

[David] “So in this case, it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the money.”

Josh has also done Rhys a favour. Seems tickets for the comedy show haven’t been selling fast. Rhys has had to resort to trying to sell tickets to anyone. Including Eddie and Joe …

Pavel just wants to say goodbye

Pavel’s leaving tomorrow. He’s trying to find Adam, so calls round at Jennifer’s.

Pavel tells Jennifer that he’s very sad to be going back to Poland. He lives with his parents, and doesn't feel he has any freedom.

Joe got to sit in The Bull all day

And have his breakfast. And lunch. And numerous pints. Even David buys him one:

[Ruth] “How come it never works the other way round?”

Indeed. Considering it’s David’s birthday in the same day. Every year. And Joe never buys him a drunk.

Despite Joe’s boozy day, bizarrely, didn’t seem to get drunk.

Must be from all those 90 plus years of drinking experience.

“Your ever loving sister”

Elizabeth left a present and card for David, with Emma.

Why did she leave it with Emma?

I’ve no idea …

Anyhoo – as well as a nice card – Elizabeth gave David a book of Borchester photographs.

It had a photograph of Brookfield, 1912, with ‘Tenant farmer John Archers’ in front of it.

Elizabeth’s message to David:

“To my dearest brother David, a present to celebrate the past and look forward to the future. Your ever loving sister.”

[Ruth] “Oh that’s lovely.”

[David] “Yes, no need to cry then, is there?”

(he is crying)

That’ll be that then.

David and Elizabeth. Back together again.

Until Elizabeth finds something else to blame him for …

Joe’s not very PC

Joe and Eddie are discussing Mike and Vicky’s baby.

[Joe] “Sometimes I do think that them doctors can do too much … I think he’s very brave taking it on, at his age.”

Eddie tells him to shut up.

Imagine what Mike would have said …

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