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A specialist job for a specialist carpenter: Mon 10.09.12

The Archers Monday 10th September 2012
  • Darrell’s got a new job, but …
  • When collusion isn’t collusion?
  • Vicky’s baby will be beautiful
  • Lilian really hates Matt right now …
  • Everyone wants Ian!
  • Jaxx can do blast freezing

Darrell’s got a new job, but …

Darrell’s (nearly, possibly) got a new job, at a Church. It’ll use his specialist carpentry skills (and also obviously get him away from Matt!).

Darrell’s already celebrating with cans of lager. Even before he’s been told he definitely has it.

Later on, he’s told he has got it.

Darrell is over the moon. Though it doesn’t last long.

While Darrell wants to quit Amside now:

[Darrell] “I thought it might be sensible to diversify.”

Elona’s worried about the bills.

[Elona] “And there is Rosa’s scooter as well.”

That bloomin’ scooter!

If Darrell can stand up to Matt, why can’t he stand up to his own family?

When collusion isn’t collusion?

When Lilian is only lending a hand …

She’s off to help Peggy with her Flower and Produce Show craft entry. Matt claims they’re cheating.

[Lilian, snapping his head off … metaphorically. Obviously] “It’s not collusion Matt, mum just asked me to pick up some materials she needed!”

Oh dear.

Lilian really (really) isn’t happy with Matt at the moment.

Just imagine how delighted when she hears that Darrell is leaving … and why!

Vicky’s baby will be beautiful

Vicky has been finding solace online. She’s found a lot of other people who are going through, and have been through, everything she (and Mike) are experiencing. She’s wondering how on earth anyone coped before the internet:

[Brenda] “I guess they just had to write letters and telephone people.”

[Vicky] “Now you feel like you’re plugged in right away”

Vicky tells Brenda about a post another mum had written about how there was lots of information for a couple having a Down’s Syndrome baby, no one told them how beautiful their baby was going to be …

[Vicky] “You stop thinking so much of what’s wrong, and you start getting excited again.”

She and Brenda coo over photos online of children with Down’s Syndrome.

Which was delightful to hear.

Thank goodness for Brenda!

Lilian really hates Matt right now …

Adam stumbles across Lilian, who is trying to look incredibly busy in a café.

[Adam] “Been doing your Greta Garbo act were you?”

Lilian just wasn’t in the mood to make an effort for anyone else.

But Aunty Lil doesn’t need to make an effort when it comes to her beloved nephew Adam.

Shame can be said for her (allegedly) beloved Matt.

She really does have a downer on him at the moment. Odd, when there’s be so many better times (when he’s behaved even worse) to turn the cold shoulder.

Everyone wants Ian!

Not just Pavel, it would seem.

The rest of the men in and near Ambridge also want Ian for his taste in bread.

(only in Ambridge!)

Jaxx can do blast freezing

Tom has managed to persuade Kirsty and Frank (Jaxx’s chef, one assumes) to do their ready meals for a “bit extra” money.

Tom’s also well chuffed that they can cook it, then blast freeze it as well.

[Tom, pulling himself up without prompting for once] “Sorry Bren. I’m rattling on again.”

(I wonder … is Brenda excited about the baby because it’s a baby, and her new sister or brother. Or, is she ready for one of her own …)

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