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The night Tug Flower came to Ambridge: Thurs 20.09.12

The Archers Thursday 20th September 2012
  • Back home, to a nice cup of tea
  • Kenton’s lost his wanderlust
  • Who is cooler … David or Kenton?
  • “Kiwis can’t fly”
  • Helen gives Ifty an ‘in’
  • Tug Fowler was a marmite issue
  • Some of Tug’s material

Back home, to a nice cup of tea

Was there ever a British person who, on walking back into their home from holiday, didn’t put the kettle on for a ‘proper’ cuppa?

Well, that’s exactly what Kenton and Jolene did on getting home to The Bull.

Kenton’s lost his wanderlust

Though he enjoyed New Zealand, with a detour to Thailand, Kenton’s most definitely glad to be back in Ambridge,

He reckons himself that he must be getting old to want to stay put in one place.

Though I reckon that’s more to do with having found the right woman …

Who is cooler … David or Kenton?

(actually, I don’t think it’s even cool to say cool anymore. Ho hum).

Kenton’s surprised to see David turning up for the Tug Fowler comedy gig.

[David] “What, are you saying that I haven’t got a sense of humour?”

[Kenton] “I just thought you might be too long in the tooth for this edgy new stuff.”

[Kirsty] “Kenton! You’re older than David aren’t you?”

[Kenton] “Yeah, but I’ve always been down with the kids.”

[Kirsty] “Not if you’ve been saying that to them …”

“Kiwis can’t fly”

Says Kenton.

 “So why are so many of them running bars in London?”

Says David.

Boom boom!

Helen gives Ifty an ‘in’

Seems Helen was supposed to be sitting with Kirsty, but she decided to sit with someone else to talk potty training.

(we can only take Kirsty’s word for that. Helen hasn’t uttered a word in a fair while now)

Some bloke asked Kirsty if he could sit next to her, and started talking about the comedy night was illustrating how great villages were – that generations mix and the like.

It was only when he started talking about Jim that I twigged it was Ifty.

[Ifty] “I’ve heard he has a reputation for acerbic wit.”

[Kirsty] “You mean sarky.”

Sounds like Ifty is quite taken with Kirsty. He even asked her out by the end of the night.

Tug Fowler was a marmite issue

We didn’t get to hear any of Tug’s routine, but we did get to hear the response from the crowd at the end of it.

A smattering of clapping.

Disgruntled mutterings.

Someone shouting “Rubbish”.

Kenton shouting: “brilliant, brilliant, more! Encore!”

Oh dear.

Looks like Tug wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

[Jolene] “Some of his material weren’t what quite what they were expecting.”

[Rhys] “At least they didn’t throw vegetables at him. That’s always the risk when you play a country crowd. And with it being Flower and Produce.”

[Fallon] “I can’t believe that I managed to alienate so many of mum’s regulars.”

Jolene had to try and personally apologise to Bob Pullen.

[Jolene] “He’s just gone off in a huff.”

[Kirsty] “Very slowly …”

Seems it took Mr Pullen an age to stand up and get to the toilets during Tug’s session, which Tug took the Michael out of him for.

Overall, it seems Tug’s humour was ‘too adult’ for most of the Ambridge residents.

[Kirsty] “Although if Mr Pullen isn’t an adult, I don’t know who is!”

Ah – fair point indeed.

But I’m really surprised Fallon got it so wrong.

She must have been drunk when she saw Tug at the Fringe, and forgot he was the blue side of the moon. Fallon certainly knows her regulars better than that.

Some of Tug’s material

As told by the residents of Ambridge, so maybe the humour was lost in translation.

10 things you can do with an oddly shaped carrot

“How many farmers does it take to change a light bulb?
Do you think farmers can afford a light bulb!”

“What do you call 3 ducks, a bench and a war memorial … Ambridge”

Huh … seems fairly tame to me.

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