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Mike’s depressed: Mon 03.09.12

The Archers Monday 3rd September 2012
  • [Joe] “Curries don’t come natural to you, Clarrie”
  • It’s Grundy Turkey time!
  • The men get baking bread
  • Comedians aren’t what they used to be
  • Grundys don’t cry
  • Lily’s not amused with Freddie
  • Roy tries to get Mike to talk

[Joe] “Curries don’t come natural to you, Clarrie” 

Seems Clarrie feels she was out of her comfort zone making curries out of the wild boar meat. Joe reckons everyone who ate it was out of their comfort zone as well …

So the Grundys are still trying to eat their way through that boar. Seems it’s not going well.

[Joe] “Even Edward and Emma won’t touch no more. You’d think free food'd be a godsend on their money.”
Some sort of Christmas scam ahoy?

It’s Grundy Turkey time!

Must mean Christmas is on the way … *groan*.

Though Joe may make a few pennies from the turkeys, he doesn’t seem to respect their intellectual abilities.

[Joe] “Surprises me Turkey's ever found their way onto the ark.”

The men get baking bread

Seems Bert and Derek are going to have a go for the Flower and Produce Show, though everyone thinks Bert’s will be made by Freda.

That’s cheeky.

I’m sure Bert will play fair and square. As always .

Comedians aren’t what they used to be

Joe’s not impressed with Tug Fowler’s forthcoming appearance at The Bull.

[Joe] “He won’t be no good. Not like the comics we used to get in Borchester before telly spoiled everything.”


Joe’s a right barrel of laughs today.

Grundys don’t cry

So reckons Eddie.

He’s meant to be looking after George while he and Eddie have a natter.

George falls down. But gets up again.

[Eddie] “Not a whimper out of him. A proper little Grundy.”

Lily’s not amused with Freddie

Since Freddie broke his collar bone falling off of Topper, he’s been driving Lily to distraction.

[Lily] “Freddie thinks he’s a pharaoh giving everyone orders”

[Freddie] “I’d tell them to bury you alive.”

[Lily] “White and dark chocolate, just for a normal tea!”

In Lily’s humble opinion, Freddie’s only hurt because Freddie is an “idiot”.

[Lily] “ … he’ll come creeping to me to do his maths homework. And science … I’m just sick of everyone pretending he’s a hero. He nearly did something horrible to us … we’ve had too many accidents already. I can’t stand anymore … Freddie should grow up, he shouldn’t have been on Topper.”

Elizabeth tells Lily that it was her (Elizabeth’s) fault. Which is more than she said to Shula.

[Elizabeth] “That’s life. Sometimes accidents just happen.”


Not Freddie’s fault for riding Topper? Or, more importantly, Elizabeth’s for letting him?

Funny Elizabeth doesn’t seem to have heard anything Shula said to her.

Roy tries to get Mike to talk

Roy corners Mike in the dairy. He’s seen the signs before – Mike not talking to anyone, doing anything other than work. He thinks Mike is heading for another depression.

[Mike] “I am depressed. But it ain't the wheels coming off. I’ve got every reason.”

Mike tells Roy about his and Vicky’s baby being diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

[Mike] “They say it’s probably a woman’s age, but what if … what if it’s me Roy. I’m a good bit older … I’ve seen it in a herd. There’s a right time for it. Then it’s too late …”

Mike tells Roy he wants to talk to Vicky, but Vicky won’t be open to discussing anything other than them having them having the baby. Mike needs to talk through the options.

So – Mike needs to talk, Vicky needs to talk but neither of them can do so until the other accepts what the other needs.


Mike also asks Roy to tell Brenda.

Here’s hoping the family can help bring Mike and Vicky back together.

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