Sunday, 30 September 2012

Matt and Lilian, en Paris: Fri 28.09.12

The Archers Friday 28th September 2012
  • Matt loves Lilian
  • Christine feels sorry for Jazzer
  • Rhys and Fallon to star in the Christmas Extravaganza?
  • Christine’s winding up Jim
  • Joe’s teeth are on the beer mat
  • Jim’s not impressed with Much Ado

Matt loves Lilian

[Lilian] “Taking a tour of Paris in a chauffeured 2 CV, how wonderfully ridiculous!”

Lilian is loving her time in Paris with Matt.

[Matt] “This trip is about pure pleasure.”

Matt’s really pulling out every stop.

[Matt] “We forget to say how much we love each to each other. This is my way of saying it.”

Ah, if only that was Matt’s only motive. Paul’s return is more likely …

But Lilian seems to have fallen for it. She’s having a ball, and remembering all the good things in life.

[Matt] “Am I one of the good guys. You do know that, Lilian.”

Indeed she does.

She suggests they return to their hotel room, quick sharp.

Wonder if Paris will be enough to keep Matt in Lilian’s mind above Paul?

Christine feels sorry for Jazzer

[Christine] “At least we have homes, I saw Jazzer this morning.”


Christine did seem to enjoy Jazzer’s company the other day.

I wonder ...

Rhys and Fallon to star in the Christmas Extravaganza?

Seems one can’t move around Ambridge for catching sight of one of Lynda’s poster advertising the Christmas Shakespearian Extravaganza auditions.

As Fallon and Rhys relax and listen to records (well, probably downloads, rather than records), they both admit they’re going to audition for the Christmas show.

Harry and Fallon, but with Rhys and Fallon?

We think they’re falling for each other … they kiss … then … nothing …

Surely not?

Not after Fallon’s made Rhys a mixed tape (well, CD) for his journey back home for a visit.

That’s proper commitment, that is.

Christine’s winding up Jim

Christine and Jim are again talking about Borchester Life magazine.

Christine seems to have changed her tune. She now thinks writing for the magazine might not be right for Jim after all.

[Christine] “Is a touch beyond … well, maybe it’s just  not you.”

[Jim] “I certainly like to think I’m a man whose words appeal to a wider market.”

Ah, gauntlet thrown. Jim’s bound to do it now!

Joe’s teeth are on the beer mat

Seems they’re still giving him gip.

Jim’s not impressed with Much Ado

[Jim] “Explores the obstacles to young love, and the merry war between the sexes … a fuss about not lot.”

Joe concurs.

[Joe] “I don’t want to watch men, in tights, kissing in the village hall … good old fashioned blood and gore, that would be worth buying a ticket for!”

(begs the question about what venue would Joe prefer to watch men, in tights, kissing)

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