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Jim can’t get peace in his shed: Wed 12.09.12

The Archers Wednesday 12th September 2012
  • Pavel wants to say goodbye
  • Darrell takes up the floorboards
  • Is that Paul as in THE Paul?
  • What’s going on in Jim’s shed?
  • Jim appreciates Fallon’s talents
  • Darrell has to buy a washing machine

Pavel wants to say goodbye

He asks Adam to his caravan. He’s about to leave to go back home.

(and makes tea, which he reckons he’s now got the hand of. He reckons he was using too many bags at first)

Pavel reckons he wants to say goodbye properly to Adam. Adam wants to walk away and forget him and what happened.

[Pavel] “Why feel so guilty, why not see it for what it is?”

Adam reckons he might have been a bit more relaxed about it when he was younger, but not now. Not married to Ian.

Pavel tries to wind Adam up again by suggesting Ian was up for it when he came onto him, but Adam doesn’t believe him.

[Pavel] “Though he was tempted anyway. What’s so wrong with being tempted, if it doesn’t hurt anyone?”

[Adam] “Well it does.”

[Pavel] “I just want to say goodbye properly, that’s all.”

[Adam] “I can’t take the risk.”

Pavel resorts to begging.

But to no avail.

Adam stand him up.

[Pavel] “Just a bit disappointed. I was hoping to have a date with someone before I go, but it’s not happening.”

I can’t quite make up my mind whether Pavel is incredibly naive, purely driven by his groin or if Adam has been whispering sweet nothings off microphone.

Either which way, you’d have thought he’d got the message well before now.

Darrell takes up the floorboards

At Joyce and Arthurs.

After all the fuss about Matt forcing him to do it, it seemed to take him half a day.

What was all the fuss about?

Anyhoo, as Darrell gets an electric shock from Arthur’s drill (he won’t get his insurance to cover him for using a client’s equipment, you know …), Matt turns up.

Is that Paul as in THE Paul?

Darrell tells Matt that he has other work coming up. He’s off to work with a chap called Paul Morgan, who says that he also knows Matt.

Is that THE Paul? As in Matt’s half-brother Paul? Didn’t he have something to do with building?

Perfect timing if he wants to take things further with Lilian (than he did last time). She’s ever so angry with Matt at the moment.

This could be very interesting indeed.

What’s going on in Jim’s shed?

Jazzer is even wondering.

[Jazzer] “The whole shed was shaking, I thought there was a fight going on!”

[Jim] “Just had a little local difficulty.”

[Jazzer] “Sweating like a pig, whatever it is.”

[Jim] “Can’t a man occupy himself in his shed without attracting the interests of the whole village?”

Jazzer’s so intrigued that he even buys Jim half a pint later on.

But Jim’s not for telling.

He asks Pavel is he concurs that they have all “exhausted” the topic.

[Pavel, not a clue what they’re on about] “Erm, I think so?”

Jim appreciates Fallon’s talents

He’s very appreciative of Fallon’s efforts to get folks into The Bull.

Especially the forthcoming comedy night.

Nothing else attracting you, Jim???

Darrell has to buy a washing machine

On credit.

He and Elona’s has died, beyond repair.

Poor Darrell.

Hope that new job does work out and he doesn’t have to go back to Matt.

Matt can be ever so nasty when someone has to beg to him.

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