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Fallon and Rhys’ big night out: Tues 25.09.12

The Archers Tuesday 25th September 2012
  • Just mates on a night out
  • A shop? Sounds Like a night club
  • Some mate Brenda is …
  • Rhys doesn’t like sharing his food
  • No work allowed
  • Matt whisks Lilian away
  • Tom’s cobbler was cobblers

Just mates on a night out

So Fallon and Rhys went off on their much deserved night off – as paid for by Kenton and Jolene.

But Fallon feels odd that it’s just she and he.

They’re just mates.

[Kirsty] “So you’re worried about having a good time?”


If Fallon and Rhys don’t get together after all of this (a la Fallon and Harry), one will not be amused …

A shop? Sounds Like a night club

Goodness, I must be getting old. I thought it was bad enough that I only like pubs with no music, and where I can get a seat. Now it seems shops are too loud for me.

Fallon was out shopping with Brenda, trying to find something new to wear tonight.

It was ear achingly loud.

Some mate Brenda is …

Just as I was staring to appreciate Brenda (she’s been a marvel with Vicky), she goes and becomes the ‘normal’ Brenda again.

Matt’s was on about Jazzer not being able to pay the full rent, as he still doesn’t have a flatmate. He’s going to throw Jazzer out if he doesn’t manage to find a solution.

He tells Brenda to write Jazzer an eviction letter, which she does. Without complaint, neither remorse nor any pity for her supposed mate.

In fact, I could actually hear her smirking …

Nasty girl.

Rhys doesn’t like sharing his food

Rhys and Fallon have gone to a Caribbean restaurant.

Rhys has mango and crayfish salad.

Which Fallon thinks look delicious. Rhys offers her a taste. But she doesn’t want it. Then she does.

I thought Fallon was worried they’d be re-enacting that spaghetti scene from Lady and the Trap … but seems she was picking up vibes from Rhys.

He doesn’t actually like to share.

[Fallon] “That’s weird. I knew it. You're weird!”

I quite agree.

Food is most definitely to be shared.

No work allowed

Rhys and Fallon have agreed that they’re not allowed to talk work.

So they rambled on about plants.

Which was odd.

Thing is, they weren’t talking about work as in the practical side of it. They were talking about the social side. The folks and things of Ambridge.

Which I think is a fair topic for dinner conversation.

And, without that to talk about, Rhys and Fallon haven’t much to say.

[Fallon] “Wonder how long the next course is going to take …”

Rhys turns to talking about sport. He starts telling Fallon the intricacies of weight lifting … funnily enough, Fallon wants to end their dinner early.

[Fallon] “I can’t listen to you anymore, droning on and on about one sport or another.”

But the evening wasn’t a complete disaster.

By the end of their meal. Fallon sounded quite jolly again.

Might have been the wine.

She and Rhys find they have £30 left of the money Jolene and Kenton gave them.

Off dancing they go.

Matt whisks Lilian away

Matt demanded Lilian come outside, and have a look in his boot …

… I thought he was showing her a corpse … Lilian was also quite perturbed.

[Lilian] “Matt, you haven’t done something terrible have you?”

Matt reveals it’s quite the opposite.

Matt’s booked a boutique night in London, then the Eurostar, to be in Paris by 10am.


[Matt] “You’ve been a bit below par haven’t you, so I though some TLC was in order.”

[Lilian] “You’re certainly full of surprises,  aren’t you.”

[Matt] “I certainly am … (the aside, to himself) … and don’t you forget it …”


So Matt has spotted that Lilian will know Paul’s back within reach.

Flatter and pamper the lady to keep the lady?

Tom’s cobbler was cobblers

Tom was at a food fair, inflicting his ready meals on an unsuspecting public.

Though they had the last laugh.

His Cobbler wasn’t popular. Nor his stir fry.

But Tom’s not down heartened. He’s glad to have the feedback. Though he would have liked some orders as well.

And at least he has his woman.

[Tom] “What would I do without you, eh?”

[Brenda] “Drink less wine …”

Tom makes mention of their wedding again.

Brenda ignores him …

Oh dear.

Didn’t Brenda say to leave it for a bit? Tom surely can’t think he can make Brenda suddenly want to marry him by going on, and on, and on, and on, and on …

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