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Jamie now knows how to wield a chainsaw: Tues 11.09.12

The Archers Tuesday 11th September 2012
  • Oliver can’t do milking for bread making
  • Why would David be sneaking into Lower Loxley be a good idea?
  • Jamie skips College for a Chainsaw course
  • Ed almost dropped his peanuts
  • Badgers love peanuts

Oliver can’t do milking for bread making

Seems Oliver called Ed while quite upset. Something was amiss in his kitchen …

[Ed] “He was standing over the oven waiting for his bread to come out!”

And now can’t do his afternoon milking shift.

Ed’s not best amused. Even though Mike’s happy to help out (seems he is avoiding having to go home).

[Ed] “It seems like it going to be pistols at dawn between him and Jim Lloyd”

[Mike] “That’ll be a sight worth seeing.”

[Ed] “It’s not like him though. He’s so dependable.”


The men of the village really are taking the bread competition very seriously indeed.

But for poor Ed, it’s a case of bread, bread everywhere, but not a slice to eat.

He and Emma are so cash-strapped that there was only one slice left for George to have with his beans. Ed got a right bollocking for eating it.

Why would David be sneaking into Lower Loxley be a good idea?

Ruth seems to think it would.

She and Josh were off to visit Freddie, with David a tad despondent that he couldn’t go. Because of Elizabeth.

While over at Lower Loxley, Ruth then has a word with Lewis to work out when Elizabeth will be out. She tells David, and suggests he pops by then.

[David] “Would it seem like I was going behind Elizabeth’s back?”


Though Ruth reckons no …

[Ruth] “It just makes it easier for you both, with things being a bit precarious for you still.”

Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

And a bit cowardly at that.

Jamie skips College for a Chainsaw course

Kathy is worried about Jamie.

He’s missing from College. Isn’t with Mike. And isn’t with Rosa.

When he turns up home, seems Kathy has found out that he’d been missing from College for two whole days.

[Kathy, furious] “Two days Jamie!!!”

But, unlike the last time Jamie went off the track chosen for him, he hasn’t been boozing, thieving or getting into trouble.

He was on an Advanced Chainsaw Course. Which he really (really) enjoyed.

[Jamie] “If you didn't follow the rules, then you’re stuffed, I didn’t mind that though cause I could see the reason for it.”

(blimey! Who would have thought it’d take a chainsaw to make Jamie see some sense)

Jamie even paid for the course out of the money he’d been saving for his driving lessons. For a kid in a rural area, that’s a big deal. First thing they generally do is get driving to get a bit of freedom.

But Kathy can’t see the good in it. She’s annoyed Jamie went behind her back:

[Kathy] “I'm not having you lie to me … You seem to think you can behave exactly as you please, you’re not 18 yet, I'm still the on supporting you, you should treat me with respect … you’re staying on at College alright, it’s what we agreed, and you know it’s for your own good.”

Jamie, reluctantly, agrees.

Which is a shame, as Kathy’s completely wrong this time.

Considering Jamie has never quite been enthralled by school or college, surely she should be encouraging him when he does find something he’s passionate about?

Ed almost dropped his peanuts

[Ed, sounding quite upset] “I just got my jacket caught in the branch, I almost dropped my peanuts!”

Actually, the peanuts weren’t for Ed.

They were for the badgers.

Badgers love peanuts

And they should love them enough to eventually get into Ed’s traps, so he can vaccinate them.

[David] “I don’t know, I never thought I’d see the day I’d be paying someone to put snacks out for badgers on my land. Anything else they fancy, flat screen TV to whole away the evening, couple of cans of beer?”

[Ed] “Just peanuts  is fine.”

[David] “They must think Christmas has come early.”

Seems Ed hasn’t caught any as yet though – but that’s part of the plan. They out the traps out, leave them for a few days (with peanuts) so the badgers get used to them – then they set them.

[Ed] “Now they’ve been lulled into a false sense of security … You should see them when you open the cage door after they’ve had their jab.”

Ed tells David about how the badgers nearly knocked one of the other chaps on the course nearly off his feet.

[David] “They can’t help causing trouble, can they, ever when you're trying to help them.”

[Ed] “You seen get used to their little ways .”

[David, not convinced] “Yeah well, you might.”

Later on, as Ruth is telling David that Ed is keeping clear of the house because of a narky Emma:

[David] “Anyway, he thinks he might strike luckily tonight.”

[Ruth] “With the badgers, you mean?”

[David] “Yeah, he’s got a one track mind!”

David still isn’t convinced they should be vaccinating the badgers. He’d far rather sort them out with his shotgun.

[David] “I just can’t look at them without remembering the misery they’ve caused us.”

The badgers better hope Ed gets to them before David does, once they’re in the traps.

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