Sunday, 30 September 2012

Joe keeps losing his teeth: Thurs 27.09.12

The Archers Thursday 27th September 2012
  • George can only take pineapple
  • Can Mike work any harder?
  • Eddie’s running away from Joe’s teeth
  • Will gets sanctimonious
  • Tracey’s a dinner lady

George can only take pineapple

He can’t have any of the beans, as there’s none to spare.

It’s alright George.

Most folk only give the tins they don’t want any more for Harvest Supper.

[Ed] “We could with a hamper ourselves this year.”

Aye, if only Emma and Ed’s pride would let them ask for it.

Can Mike work any harder?

He’s already doing Harry’s round. Though it is taking him half the time. He’s already lost 5 customers (due to them cost saving rather than out of protest).

And he does the green burial site. A bit of forestry. The bottling … (I’ve probably missed something, but you get the gist. Mike works all hours)

While Vicky is taking her maternity, she’s decided she won’t be going back to work.

Oh blimey.

[Mike] “We’ll cope … I’ll do everything I can. We’ll be fine, I know we will.”

That means Mike not getting a replacement for Harry at all. He’ll do it all himself.

[Mike] “Besides, it’s the right thing. And I want to do the right thing for you and the little un.”

[Vicky] “Oh Mike, I am so lucky to have you.”


Here’s hoping Mike’s not in for any accidents or sudden illnesses soon.

Eddie’s running away from Joe’s teeth

Seems Joe is having issues with his teeth.

They’re bothering him. So he keeps taking them out. Then losing them.

Eddie even found them in the bread bin earlier today.

So, Eddie’s taken refuge in The Bull.

[Eddie] “Quite a thing with a man has to come to the pub to get away from his father’s teeth.”

Will gets sanctimonious

Will’s taken George out for food.

He’s a bit shocked that George is checking the prices before he orders, checks if Will can afford what he’s about to order, and mutters something about “we have to try and make do with what we’ve got”.

[Will] “You have whatever you want from that menu. When you’re with me, money’s no object.”

So, Will being Will, he shouts about it to Nic. He’s furious Ed and Emma have been talking about their finances in front of George.

[Will] “In front of my son, Telling him he can’t take a few cans of beans into school for the harvest festival …I'm not having George suffer, just because Ed can’t manage his finances … I’m not paying maintenance so they two can fritter their money away on goodness knows what. That money is meant to be spent on George … it’s obvious, Ed and Emma aren’t providing properly for my son.”

Here we go again.

Ed in the blue corner, Will in the red.

Just in time for Christmas.

Tracey’s a dinner lady

At Loxley Barrett Primary.

Glad she got work.

And hope she makes cheesy wheels.

They were fab.

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