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Ruth is described as a “trailblazer”: Mon 24.09.12

The Archers Monday 24th September 2012
  • Still not enough bread at Ed and Emma’s
  • Matt doesn’t impress Jim
  • Jim has nothing to do
  • Why did Emma need to scrub the oven so hard?
  • Who is an interesting Ambridge figure?

Still not enough bread at Ed and Emma’s

Quite literally.

George had the last of the bread last night, so Ed can’t have any this morning.

Poor Ed.

But to add insult to injury – George now wants to do karate. Which means having to pay for them. With money they don’t have.

Ed wants to ask the Karate folks if they can pay in instalments, but Emma’s furious at that suggestions. She wants their money woes kept private.

However – Emma then later asks Ruth for an advance on her cleaning wages (so that she can then pay for all of George’s karate lessons in one go).

Which isn’t a very private way to get ready money. Surely Ruth will twig?

Ed concurs that it wasn’t a good idea. As well as more folks guessing their financial situation:

[Ed] “You’ll be working for nothing for the next two weeks.”

Technically not – but his point is fair.

[Emma] “Tell me it wasn’t worth it to see his face light up like that?”


[Emma] “Ed, we’re okay, aren’t we … you and me against the world?”

[Ed] “Yeah, like it’s always been”

Now, I know it’s important that kids do stuff out with school and their home.

But is karate lessons really a priority when there’s not even enough bread to eat?

Matt doesn’t impress Jim

Matt roars by in his car, shocking Christine.

Jim’s advice for Matt (though not said to his face) is that he needs to think about “Truly being something rather than just merely seeming something” …

[Jim] “Otherwise no good will come of that man, you mark my words.”

[Christine] “I’m sorry to say that I do sometimes Lilian had chosen a more suitable companion.”

Steady on Christine! That was close to an insult.

Jim has nothing to do

[Jim] “Since the heady excitement of the Flower and Produce show, I’ve had a bit of a come down.”

Jim found the challenge of building his roman oven to have been very rewarding, and also “sparked a degree of local interest”.

[Jim] “Now that’s waned, there seems to be a rather significant hole in my day.”

Aw, bless Jim.

He needs something to do AND have everyone noticing him doing it.

At least he’s honest.

And at least he’s got coffee with Christine.

[Jim] “I’ve been feeling rather under stimulated, intellectually.”

Not only does Jim not having anything to do, he’s also unsatisfied about the local magazine, Borchester Life. It just full of adverts and sponsored events.

[Jim] “With an occasional article about the local countryside to level the dross.”

Wonder why Jim is picking on a magazine ….

… surprise! Christine suggests that he could talk to the editor (Glen Whitehouse) to do a series of articles about “interesting figures” in the local area.

That would have been my first suggestion as well (!).

Why did Emma need to scrub the oven so hard?

Surely the Brookfield oven isn’t used very often?

Who is an interesting Ambridge figure?

Now that Jim has a plan, he just needs to pick who should be the focus of his first article.

He and Christine are outside, when they spot Ruth.

Of course! Everyone knows that Ruth was “one of the original trailblazers for women in farming”.

[Jim] “In many people's eyes, you are a local pioneer .. I believe your story could enlighten and inspire others.”

[Ruth] “I don’t know Jim, I love me work, but I’m happy to just be getting on with it.”

So it’s a no.

Is it just me – or are Jim and Christine behaving rather oddly?

What is she putting in her Dundee cake …

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