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Freddie breaks his collar bone: Sun 02.09.12

The Archers Sunday 2nd September 2012
  • When a ‘Dairy Magazine is just a Dairy Magazine
  • It WAS all Elizabeth’s fault
  • Abbie’s first day at school

When a ‘Dairy Magazine’ is just a Dairy Magazine

[Vicky] “First time I saw ‘Dairy Magazines’ felt tipped on the binders, I thought, aye aye, best steer clear of those! But they are just about cows.”

I’m not sure whether it’s endearing, or a bit worrying, that Vicky would think such a thing of Mike, then choose to ignore it …

Either which way, we all knew what would happen later on when Mike came across his beloved Dairy Magazines hidden away in the loft by Vicky and (an unwitting) Roy.

[Vicky] “As soon as I woke up this morning I know, today’s the day to start.”

When Mike gets home, he’s horrified. Seems he had a system for his Dairy magazines.

[Mike] “I don’t like being pushed into things … I come home, my stuff’s scattered all over … you shouldn’t have started. We haven’t worked out properly what we’re going to do with that room!”

But Vicky reckons she already knows what to do, so it shall be done. And though she’s prefer it if Mike was involved, she’ll do it by herself if need be.


Mike better get on side with Vicky. There’ll be no stopping her.

It WAS all Elizabeth’s fault

[Elizabeth] “Aunty didn’t ask you to fiddle with the stirrups!”

Indeed Shula didn’t. All she did was ask Freddie to get Topper ready for bed.

Freddie’s too small to handle Topper, but he begs Elizabeth to let him ride Topper once round the arena. She lets him.

No prizes for guessing what happened next …

Freddie starts jumping with Topper:

[Elizabeth] “You’re pushing your luck young man!”

But he continues.

As he goes for the final jump, he falls.

And it sounds like he’s hurt badly (or is at least is hurting badly).

Shula runs out. Straight to the horse.

[Shula] “All right Topper, calm down!”

[Elizabeth] “It’s not the horse that’s hurt!”

When they get Freddie to hospital, turns out his collar bone is broken, but it’s a clean break.


But, Shula is most decidedly not amused.

[Shula] “I'm sorry. I won’t be fobbed off.”

[Elizabeth] “It’s been a difficult day for all of us.”

[Shula] “Because of you! What were you thinking!!!”

Elizabeth says she told Freddie not to ride Topper. Shula says she saw Elizabeth just standing there, watching him. Elizabeth says Nigel had said to Freddie that he could ride Topper one day (ah, that’s right. Blame the dead chap!):

[Elizabeth] “He just kept asking …”

[Shula] “That’s what children do. You should have said no!”

[Elizabeth] “It means so much to him Shula. It’s his father’s horse.”

[Shula] “Oh stop making excuses, he could have been killed!”

[Elizabeth] “Have you any idea how awful it was for me watching … you’ve no right to criticise me!”

[Shula] “I’ve every right. Tipper could have been hurt, never mind what it would do to the stables, and above everything else, Freddie is upstairs now in a great deal of pain, because you didn’t have the common sense or guts to say no to your son. How on earth could you have been so stupid, Elizabeth!”

And there we have it.

Elizabeth is officially no longer allowed to be the heartbroken widow, blaming all and every in Nigel’s’ death.

Well said Shula!

Abbie’s first day at school

Ah, they grow up so quickly.

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