Friday, 31 August 2012

Darrell ate the last of the bread: Fri 31.08.12

The Archers Friday 31st August 2012
  • Just fix the bloomin’ washing machine!
  • Matt sends Lilian out for cigars
  • Darrell’s caught between a washing machine and a Police record
  • Adam had a pasty
  • Lynda tries to recruit Elona
  • Vicky tells Lynda

Just fix the bloomin’ washing machine!

Elona is not a happy bunny with Darrell.

First, she’s suspicious of a cake.

[Elona] “What’s this? … this sponge cake?”

It’s from Joyce.

Then, Elona is suspicious of a sandwich.

[Elona] “What was in your sandwich?”

Only cheese. Which there is more of. But Darrell’s finished all of the bread.

Oh dear.

Seems Elona is upset because Mrs Gloria Hamilton died in the night. Mrs Hamilton hadn’t even been ill. Elona found her dead when she’d brought her morning tea.

[Elona] “She used to laugh big … hearty. And today, no more Gloria. No more laugh. I would have liked to say goodbye.”

So, death. No bread. A suspicious cake. And the washing machine is also broken.

To top that, Darrell’s off to speak to Matt rather than sort the bloomin’ washing machine.

Later on:

[Elona] “Darrell, you are a  carpenter not a philosopher. All your walking around won’t get the washing machine fixed!”

Seems Anna needs some clothes for a weekend with her pals. Her weekend will be ruined if she can’t have them washed and ready.

[Elona] “I have two jobs, and I still manage to cook for you, clean this house, and do the washing when I have a washing machine that works!”


Elona is right.

But she’s putting Darrell into an impossible situation.

If only Darrell would tell her what’s happening.

Matt sends Lilian out for cigars

When Darrell comes round to see Matt, Matt makes sure that Lilian isn't around to hear what Darrell has to say.

[Matt] “Didn’t you say you need some fags? Can you get me some cigars while you’re at the shop?”

[Lilian, incredulous] “You want me, to get you, some cigars?”

Though Lilian is far from amused, she does Matt’s bidding.

Even more bizarre, Lilian also doesn’t blink when she’s charged £24.05 for 40 of her “usual”, and 10 of Matt’s slim cigars.

Ad a smoker myself, I always want to burst into tears when I buy my tobacco.

(I know. There’s allegedly an easy solution to that)

Darrell’s caught between a washing machine and a Police record

Darrell wanted to tell Matt that what he’s been asked to do is “not fair”. Not only did Matt make him try and force Joyce and Arthur out of their home, Matt then blamed Darrell for the problems at their house in front of Lilian.

Matt is entirely unrepentant,

[Matt] “If you’ve got a problem with the tasks I set you, you’re free to take your tools elsewhere.”

Darrell reckons he might just do that.

Then Matt reminds Darrell of his prison record.

Damn him!

Darrell’s basically a good chap so needs to grow a backbone. To both Matt, and Elona.

Adam had a pasty

Lilian bumps into Adam coming out of the village shop.

He’s clutching a pasty.

[Lilian] “Isn’t that a bit eh, whatever the opposite of haute cuisine is?”

[Adam] “I know, living with a chef is great, but sometimes I get a craving for food wrapped in cellophane tasting of cardboard.”

Adam tells Lilian that he’s coping with Brian, now that he’s back working at Home Farm. “Rubbing along” was the way he put it.

[Adam] “Well, he’ll never change will he Lilian … so it’s really down to me how I choose to deal with him.”

[Lilian] “Working with Matt, he always sails close to the wind, but sometimes he doesn’t know where the wind is … maybe I need to choose how I want to react.”

Ah – Lilian has her cigarettes – and she’s been inspired.

Mind the step, Matt.

Lynda tries to recruit Elona

To show during the Flower and produce show.

[Lynda] “It’s a wonderful way to deepen your involvement in village life.”


Best stay clear for a few years, I reckon.

Vicky tells Lynda

During her shift in the village shop, Vicky bursts into tears.

She almost tells Lynda what’s the matter, but doesn’t.

However, she does tell Lynda,  later on, when Lynda visits her after sending her home from the shop.

[Lynda] “You must be devastated.”

[Vicky] “I am. You always picture, when you think about having a baby in your head, it’s always perfect. I know I’m going to love it, but …”

[Lynda] “You’re going to have it then?”

[Vicky] “Oh yeah, I couldn’t so anything else, I couldn’t …”

[Lynda] “It’s very brave of you Vicky. And Mike, he feels the same way?”

[Vicky] “I don’t think he does. But I can’t do it without him. I love him so much, I have to have this baby …I’m just desperate for him to … he’s got to want it as well. He has to.”

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