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Vicky’s amniocentesis is positive: Wed 29.08.12

The Archers Wednesday 29th August 2012
  • Harry’s back
  • Fallon’s booked Tug Fowler
  • Tray of chips for Harry
  • Jamie’s going on a cutting course
  • No-one will live with Jazzer
  • Rhys and Fallon are not happy with each other
  • It’s bad news for Vicky and Mike

Harry’s back

His first visit was to Mike to apologise for leaving his job so abruptly.

[Harry] “You’ve got every right to be hacked off with me too … I really want to apologise face to face, jacking in my job like that, it’s not the careful Harry that everyone know. I surprised myself to be honest, when it comes to someone you really love, well, you’ll do anything for them … I’m sorry and I wanted to thank you for giving me the job in the first place.”

Mike accepts his apology, but is actually quite distracted. Vicky’s test is due back any day now.

Fallon’s booked Tug Fowler

He’ll be appearing at The Bull in 3 weeks’ time.

Rhys doesn’t sound enthusiastic.

He reckons Jolene won’t be happy either …

Tray of chips for Harry

Rhys reckons.

Fallon would like slightly more elegant catering for Harry’s farewell party lock-in at The Bull.

(which Fallon won’t let Jamie stay for as she reckons he’s still too young. Spoil sport!)
Well, chops or not, Harry enjoyed his leaving do. And they didn’t get raided by the Police for having a lock-in.

Harry’s final word went to Rhys:

[Rhys] “I’ve just been talking about bread, so I thought I might as well make a toast …To my one time Anglo/Welsh rival … we thought he was a cyclist, but turns out to be quite the dark horse … he’s a smart cookie but he’s proved that when the heart speaks, the brain shuts up.”

Farewell Mr Harry Mason.

I doubt Ambridge’s milk will ever again be delivered by such a handsome and enthusiastic bloke.

Jamie’s going on a cutting course

Organised by Mike.

Can we foresee Jamie leaving College (again) to have a life worked in the woods?

No-one will live with Jazzer

Jazzer is not amused with Harry having left him to live alone.

[Jazzer] “You’re lucky I didnae just chuck your stuff threw the windae!”

Though Jazzer reckons he makes for great company, and encourages a “laid back lifestyle” in those lucky to share a home with him, he can’t find someone to replace Harry.

And he needs to. He can’t afford the rent by himself. So, not flatmate, no flat:

[Jazzer] “I’ll be back with my ma!”

But not all is lost. Harry leaves Jazzer his kettle, and:

[Jazzer] “A food processor, jings, I cannae believe my luck!”

(by-the-by, no Scot has said ‘jings’ since The Broons)

Jazzer then immediately tries to sell the food processor (and the bread maker, Harry also graciously gave him)

[Rhys] “Ah you haven't been looting again Jazzer have you?”


Rhys and Fallon are not happy with each other

[Rhys] “I dunno what’s got into Fallon. She used to be laid back. Someone you could have a laugh with … it must be the power going to her head … like something she’s got to prove … over-compensating for something.”

(Jazzer couldn’t say why Fallon’s had such a mood change … all credit to him for still being a gent and not telling about the night he spent with Fallon under the (campervan) stars)

[Rhys] “All I know is she stopped listening to common sense.”

[Harry] “To you, you mean.”

[Rhys] “She’s driving me mad!”

When Rhys steps away, enter Fallon:

[Fallon] “I don’t know what’s got into Rhys, he used to have a bit of get up and go, a bit of a spark. … deep down he’s a stick in the mud … I tell you Harry, he’s driving me mad!”

Love is in the air, I reckon.

It’s bad news for Vicky and Mike

Vicky takes a phone call. She ends the call crying.

[Vicky] “I’m so sorry Mike.”

[Mike] “No, it’s um, we’ll find some way through it.”

[Vicky] “Will we?”

[Mike] “Yeah, yeah of course we will.”

No-one said it, but we can only assume Vicky’s test showed the baby has Down’s Syndrome.

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