Friday, 24 August 2012

A Lance from Kenton’s past: Tues 21.08.12

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 21st August 2012
  • Kenton ruined Jolene’s Rotorua brochure
  • Jolene has doubts about Kenton?
  • Kenton’s thoughtlessness continues
  • What about Sid?
  • I though Crowded House were Australian
  • Blow the Man Down is rude!
  • Lance sounds dodgy …
  • At least one person notices Jolene

Kenton ruined Jolene’s Rotorua brochure

Not intentionally, but was a bit thoughtless of him to lie on it. Jolene wanted to keep it as a souvenir.

Jolene has doubts about Kenton?

Jolene’s talk with Mel – how Kenton left her penniless with a baby – is seemingly making her have second thoughts about Kenton,.

[Jolene] “Well, you think you know someone …”

[Kenton] “It was all different back then. It was all very complicated.”

Kenton’s thoughtlessness continues

Kenton wants to go out on the boat trip for a whole week rather than a few days.

Despite Jolene not being keen.

It’ll cost an extra £800 or £900. Which they don’t really have.

He even asked if Jolene would pay it …

And it’d mean Meriel having to take a whole week of school.

It is all about Meriel. Kenton feels that he’s losing her to Aiden. All the activities they done so far:

[Kenton] “They’re all Aiden sort of things … and he’s good at them.”

[Jolene] “So you’re trying to freeze him out.”

[Kenton] “I just want to do some proper bonding with my daughter.”

Aye, and who cares what Kenton’s (rather new) lady friend wants to do on their holiday!

What about Sid?

Kenton’s extension to the boat trip is right when Jolene was to go to Napier to see Lucy, and visit Sid’ memorial.

[Kenton] “Well maybe you could reschedule … I could come with you, if you want?”

[Jolene] “Oh don’t bother. You’ve obviously plenty to do here!”

Honestly Kenton!

A bit of tact, and care for Jolene’s feelings, wouldn’t go amiss right now.

Though Jolene manages to change when she’ll go visit Lucy, Lucy’s none too amused at the change.

I though Crowded House were Australian

So was wondering why they were being played as a musical interlude.

On checking, seems they’re both Australian and New Zealand.

Well, there we have it.

Blow the Man Down is rude!

And there’s another thing I didn’t know.

Lance sounds dodgy …

Lance turns up at Mel’s house. Unannounced. And he’s never visited before.

Seems Lance was a business partner of Mel and Kenton’s back in Australia. They’d bought a yacht, which they used to takes folks on day trips and the like to the Great Barrier Reef.

[Meriel] “Why did you stop?”

[Kenton] “Erm …”

[Lance] “Well we had good times while it lasted …Who’d have though Kenton would be here to like the ghost of Christmas past!”

[Kenton] “That’s cause ‘I’ve got family here.”

Sounds like Kenton’s none too pleased to see Lance.

And neither he nor Mel believe Lance showing up just when Kenton happened to be there is a coincidence.

At least one person notices Jolene

Shame she’s on the other side of the world.

Between Meriel, Lance and the boat trip, Jolene is being ignored.

So while Kenton, Lance and Mel have a grand old time reliving old stories, Jolene calls home.

Fallon tells her all’s well. That Rhys has been great (she also agrees he's a “nice lad” … romance in the offing? Fallon surely has to put some distance between her and her night of passion with Jazzer!).

Jolene tells her they visited a Maori village and ate food cooked on rocks.

And they went to an Argentinian restaurant.

[Jolene] “You’ve never seen so much beef on a plate … even when Kenton kept making jokes about the Falklands …”

[Fallon, very sarcastically] “He’s a scream, isn’t he …”


I don’t think Kenton will be staying at The Bull when they get home.

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