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Kenton’s a bad, bad, man?!? : Tues 28.08.12

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 28th August 2012
  • All aboard!
  • Who was Lance getting intimate with?
  • Bad jokes and sailing banter
  • Who told Lance about Eccles?
  • Kenton’s a bad ‘un after all …

All aboard!

Mel, Kenton, Jolene, Meriel and Lance are off on their yachting trip.

[Kenton] “And thanks for coming, not just sailing, to New Zealand. I know it’s not been easy for you.”

Did I hear that right?

Kenton actually appreciating Jolene? Jolene also seemed happy to seem Kenton “in his element”.

Anyhoo – today, I learned that adults don’t wear life jackets in a yacht (they just clip themselves onto the boat if it gets bad).

And it would seem Kenton still isn’t keen on Lance being on the trip. He starts bossing him round the minute he gets on board:

[Lance] “Alright, no need to get all Captain Bligh on me!”

Who was Lance getting intimate with?

That Lance is an odd one.

He was winding Jolene up again about how Kenton and Mel work so beautifully together. Feels like he’s trying to make her jealous.

Then he tried to be more than just friendly with Mel when he and she were left alone together on a beach at which they’d landed. He started to tell her that it should have been he and she that had got together, rather than Mel with Kenton.

[Lance] “Caught me by surprise when you and Kenton got hitched.”

Mel (quite literally) ran away from him.

But later on, Meriel walked in on Lance doing (what sounded like) adult relations. Meriel though she saw her mum run out of the room in her “running gear”.

[Lance] “What do you think you’re playing at, bursting in on people! Can’t we have 5 minutes in peace. Can’t you keep your nose out of anyone's business ... get out, and shout the door!!!”

Well, for one: that was rather rude of Lance. No need to be nasty to a young girl.

And secondly – was that Mel?

Surely wasn’t Jolene?!?

But it had to be one of the two. Unless there’s a stowaway …

Bad jokes and sailing banter

[Jolene] “Ambridge seems long, way away.”

[Kenton] “11,000 miles, I’d say that's pretty far. You could almost say it’s on the other side of the world!”


There was a lot of technical sailing speak - topping lift, grab handles and the like.

I have no ken, but it sounded impressive.

Who told Lance about Eccles?

Lance seemed to know all about him. Just Kenton after a few drinks, or has Lance been doing his own research?

Not that it really matters whether he knows of Eccles or not. It was just an odd thing for him to know about.

[Jolene] “Not sure he’ll be around for much longer.”

[Lance] “Well, that’s Kenton for you.”

[Jolene] “No, I meant Eccles.”


Kenton’s a bad ‘un after all …

Jolene had gone from enjoying the trip, to seeing things …

[Jolene] “You, coming onto Kenton … you’re so obvious …”

[Mel] “There is no way I'd want to get back together with Kenton, it’s unthinkable … It took me years to forgive Kenton for what he did … you think that was about money? That was only the half of it. Would you want a relationship with a man who forced you to have an abortion!”


And there was me thinking Kenton was just a tad selfish, a bit on the reckless side, but overall a harmless chap.

Seems not so.

Mind you, there’s always two sides to such a tale.

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