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Ifty didn’t fancy Tracey because of Keith: Tues 21.08.12

(aye, right then!)

The Archers Tuesday 21st August 2012

  • Susan won’t go to court
  • Kathy wishes she had Jamie’s social life
  • Tracey really is demented
  • Sick cows will be the ruin of Emma and Ed
  • Rosa’s on a boy hunt
  • Brookfield’s back to ‘normal’

Susan won’t go to court

Keith was up at the magistrates today.

[Emma] “I don’t know what will happen, and I can’t say I’m bothered.”

Susan says she can’t (won’t) go.

[Tracey] “You really don’t care don’t you. Never mind he’s your bother, never mind that he risked his skin to grass up his mates.”

[Susan] “So he could try and get off with a lighter sentence!”

[Tracey] “So that he could try and get some kind of justice. He did the right thing in the end.”

[Susan] “You know where I stand … I;m not coming.”

[Tracey] “When he’s lucky one of us still knows the meaning of family loyalty.”

Even when it’s misplaced, eh Tracey?

And I’m not remotely surprised Susan won’t go.

Aside from Keith having been a very bad lad, court must also bring back painful memories of her own incarceration …

When Tracey later crosses paths with Emma:

[Tracey] “You! I’ve got nothing to say to you. This is all your fault, I hope you’re satisfied.”


Anyhoo, Keith is committed for trial at the Crown Court. Though he’s been bailed, he can’t go anywhere near Ambridge.

Kathy wishes she had Jamie’s social life


I couldn’t imagine anything worse.

Kathy really needs to get out more (and with folks of her own generation).

Tracey really is demented

She thinks that she’s sacrificed her future happiness with Ifty by standing up for bother Keith.

[Tracey] “Ifty … me and Ifty. It’s finished. It’s all over between us.”

[Susan] “Tracey what are you on about? … what do you mean all over, nothing’s happened? … I knew you were after him of course, you made that pretty obvious …”

[Tracey] “My big chance. For once in my life I’d met a nice decent bloke, and now it’s finished. All because of Keith.”

[Susan] “Hold on, are you telling me, you and   him … did he even go out   with you? No he didn’t!”

[Tracey] “I reckon Ifty won’t have nothing to do with me cause my brother’s a crook … can’t see why else …”

[Susan, starting to lose her common sense when she thinks someone is demeaning her family] “He thinks your family isn’t good enough for him! … Well I;m sorry, but I can’t say I;m too surprised.”

[Tracey] “Yeah, you must he happy now, you never liked him from the start.”

[Susan] “Just leave it Tracey.”

What a strange, stranger family.

Sick cows will be the ruin of Emma and Ed

The vet bills are crippling Ed and Emma. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, what with milk prices.

[Emma] “I don’t know how we’re going to manage mum. Mike’s not giving us much for our milk.”

They had to cancel George going on a school trip as they couldn’t afford it. And Keira needs new shoes, which is also well beyond their means.

Susan brings them round some chicken pies, and wants to take Emma out shopping Saturday morning and to buy Keira’s shoes for them.

[Susan] “I feel like I owe you, after everything.”

Rosa’s on a boy hunt

She really, really does like Jamie.

Rosa calls and leaves him a voice message. She says she’s been thinking about his since the party.

[Rosa] “Be nice to meet up again sometime?”

She then goes round to see if Jamie is home. But it’s only Kathy.

Rosa tells Kathy that Jamie’s split up with Natalie (Kathy didn’t know), and what Jamie had told her was his exams results (better than he actually got, which Kathy didn’t know. She knew the real results).

Not sure if Rosa was stirring, or genuinely didn’t realise she was dropping Jamie in it.

But she then dropped herself in it by telling Kathy that she’s told Jamie exams don’t matter.

Kathy didn’t appreciate that. Maybe Rosa’s scooter won’t be enough to make her decent daughter-in-law material after all.

Brookfield’s back to ‘normal’

[Ruth] “Job satisfaction all round … nice to get back to some real old fashioned farming again. Calving, the weather …”

She’s talking to Emma about the relief that it would seem the gang nightmare is over.

[Ruth] “We won’t forget what you did for us, or what it’s cost you.”

Ach well. Emma doesn’t need aunts and uncles like Tracey and Keith in her life, I reckon.

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