Sunday, 26 August 2012

Men only bread competition: Thurs 23.08.12

The Archers Thursday 23rd August 2012
  • Ruth wants a party
  • It’s nearly Flower & Produce Show time!
  • The village shop has a scanner
  • Brookfield cows are soon to go in
  • Ruth doesn’t harass Adam
  • Funday at Shula’s
  • Matt needs cash

Ruth wants a party

[Ruth] “David, I’ve been thinking, we could have some people round some time. A party.”

Steady on Ruth!

She’s full of the joys that they can all get back to normal at Brookfield. The rest of the gang are up in court today.

And, Ruth reasons, that if they can have a party over a new slurry tank (which they did), they can surely celebrate this.

Later on that day, they hear the gang have all plead guilty.

Which means there won’t be a full trial, so David won’t have to be a witness.

[David] “It looks like it’s finally all over love … so, what about this tea party, eh?”

Ah David, David, David.

I don’t think only tea and cake was what Ruth had in mind.

It’s nearly Flower & Produce Show time!

Hurrah! (I hear you cry)

This year, there’ll be a bread category – for men only.

I’ve no idea why.

Nobody said.

The village shop has a scanner

How very modern indeed.

Though it’s a bit dangerous in the wrong hands.

Vicky scanned Brenda’s beans twice.

The horror.

(sorry – it was a slow day)

Brookfield cows are soon to go in

Only another month or 6 weeks to go.

Why nobody sees it’s a tad hypocritical for Brookfield to now keep its cows on for longer, but harass Brian over the Super Dairy, I don’t know.

Ruth doesn’t harass Adam

[Adam] “I suppose I better start getting my head round this whole dairy business.”

Adam’s telling Ruth that he now has to fill five silage clamps, 20,000 tonnes of it.

Ruth doesn’t blink. Though she’s firmly against the Super Dairy, she knows Adam really didn’t have a choice.

And if it hadn’t been Adam, Brian would have got someone else in anyway.

Funday at Shula’s

[Ruth] “Horsey games, Freddie’s been getting quite excited about it.”

Matt needs cash

Or so he claims.

[Matt] “I’ll let you into a little secret, currently we have a cashflow problem, a serious one.”

Either Matt’s telling the truth, so that Darrell understands why he’s so keen to get the Walters moved.

Or, he just wants Darrell to do as he’s told.

Anyhoo, Matt reckons that he needs the money ready, rather than tied up in bricks and mortar.

[Matt] “I want to see some action, something a little bit extra … even if you have to intervene a bit …”

Darrell’s going to buckle under the pressure.

Not only does his family need him to keep his work with Matt, but now Matt’s fortune depends on him.

Looks like the Walters will be moving …

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