Friday, 31 August 2012

Lance is nasty, Kenton is nasty: Thurs 30.08.12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 30th August 2012
  • Why did Kenton make Mel have an abortion?
  • Lance wants what’s due

Why did Kenton make Mel have an abortion?

Jolene’s in a serious, very angry, angry, angry mood with Kenton.

[Jolene] “I always thought you were basically a decent bloke, a good man.”

But now she thinks not so.

Not after learning that he abandoned Mel and their child (Meriel), after previously making Mel have an abortion.

Kenton tries to explain.

He didn’t support Mel and Meriel properly (after he left them) as he had no money when he got back to Ambridge. He reckons he had to beg Jack to buy Jaxx to give him a home and a job.

That’s why he didn’t send them money for a while.

What about the abortion?

[Jolene] “That you forced her to have. Is it true?”

[Kenton] “Yes. I know it sounds horrible, but there wasn’t any alternative.”

Kenton reckoned he and Mel had no money. A tiny flat. A failing business.

[Kenton] “We couldn’t have just thrown a child into that. It would have been a disaster”

And, after all, he and Mel had only got married in the first place to get him a visa.

[Kenton] “I didn’t sign up for that,”

[Jolene] “God, I knew you had a selfish streak, but that’s something else!”

Kenton also explains that Mel had depression after the abortion. And became obsessed with having a baby.

So, he made her a deal.

Mel wouldn’t want a baby for a season, so that they could try and get the business up and running.

(I know that sounds ridiculous. But it’s what the man said)


[Kenton] “She tricked me.”

Seems Mel got pregnant anyway.

[Kenton] “The worst thing is, being pregnant didn’t make her better.”

What’s worse, Mel then didn’t even do the business admin! So the business went bust.

The nerve of that woman … (again, I know – but it’s what Kenton was actually saying)

[Jolene] “You ran away, not just for your business, not just from your friends, but from your wife who was mentally ill and had a baby to look after!”

Jolene storms away (as far as she can, which wasn’t far considering they’re on a boat), not even letting Kenton touch her.

Quite right too.

Kenton really is showing his nasty side.

It’s bad enough he did all of that to Mel in the first place. But, to still try and justify it (with only a slight apology, to Jolene. More about being found out, than genuinely apologetic about what he’d done).

Nasty, nasty Kenton.

Lance wants what’s due

[Lance] “Well actually mate, I want what you owe me … 50k should cover it.”

Lance reckons it was all Kenton’s fault the business went under. And now Kenton has it made – runs a pub, partner of a woman who owns a pub, and can afford to rent a yacht for two weeks.

Though Kenton tries to explain that he’s maxed out his credit cards paying for the yacht (and his mum paid for their trip), but Lance is more interested in “Loss earnings and mental hardship”.

[Lance] “Point it, it was your fault … if you hadn’t done a bunk, we could have made a go of it … You’ve ruined my life, you owe me!”

Lance sounded like he was getting violent. He certainly smashed something, scaring Kenton quite badly.

Kenton then stutters that Lance has a point. So when he gets back, he’ll “liquidate” some investments, and raise the £32k (it was 50k Australian dollars).

(course, Kenton doesn’t have investments to liquidate in the first place)

Mel heard everything.

[Mel] “My god. What have we got on board!?!”

Nasty, nasty Lance.

(though nasty, nasty Kenton deserves nasty, nasty Lance!)

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