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Vicky has her amniocentesis: Fri 24.08.12

The Archers Friday 24th August 2012
  • Vicky’s prepared
  • Fallon’s lost her sense of humour
  • Will one of Arthur’s stamps be worth millions?
  • Money’s not a modern day obsession
  • Fallon’s jealous of Alice
  • Matt’s playing the hard man again
Vicky’s prepared

She’s taking snacks, magazines and a thermos to the hospital in case she and Mike have to wait around for her test.

Poor Vicky.

She’s just keeping herself busy.

When they get there, though Vicky has to lie down, she doesn’t even need to be numbed. They tell her it’ll just be like another scan, but with them also taking a bit of fluid.

[Mike] “It's all in a  day’s work, eh?”

(I can see what Mike is trying to do to reassure Vicky, but it’s just not the right way to do it!)

The test went fine. But

[Vicky] “It's not over yet Mike”

She’ll have to be careful for the next few days. And they won’t know the results for at least 4 or 5 days.

[Mike] “There's every chance it will be fine”

Here’s hoping.

Fallon’s lost her sense of humour

[Rhys] “You've got to laugh.”

[Fallon] “Do you?”

Seems Harry leaving Ambridge has dropped Fallon in a bit of an angry depression.

She can’t even see the funny side of Eddie being made a fool of on local radio.

Eddie’s in for a pint, but has had to go into the Ploughman’s side as Bert’s doing an impression of the Beast, and Jazzer is doing Nessie.

Even Rhys wants in:

[Rhys] “If Jazzer can have his local ness monster, why can’t I have my welsh dragon?”

Fallon is not amused.

[Rhys] “He's only got himself to blame, if he wasn’t such a scam merchant.”

[Fallon] “Humiliating people on the radio, just to get a quick laugh …”

But not to worry Fallon – seems you’ll get to see Harry at least one last time when he visits next week:

[Rhys] “The runaway milkman, he's still alive then ... that didn’t last long!”

(it is only just a visit. Actually, not sure if that’d actually be a good or a bad thing for Fallon)

Will one of Arthur’s stamps be worth millions?

Arthur is showing Darrell his stamp collection.

I know nothing of philately, so though he has stamps from Queen Victoria’s time, and a 10p purple and red, they could just be nice things to look at.

Or worth a few bob … that would solve a few problems if Arthur and Joyce could actually buy their house off of Matt.

Though seems Joyce isn’t a fan of Arthur’s hobby. She thinks it isn’t healthy.

[Arthur] “ … stamp collecting's for sad old geezers with no life ... so I told her I was going to take up train spotting!”

Money’s not a modern day obsession

Arthur was telling Darrell that he’s a good lad with good morals.

[Arthur] “Some lads these days don’t though what they need and what they want.”

Well, that’s hardly a new thing, is it Arthur?

But well-timed comment, I suppose.

Darrell is just about to create havoc for you and Joyce, just for money.

(though I Darrell could grow a pair and tell his wife and daughters they can’t always get what they want, he wouldn’t be in this situation)

Fallon’s jealous of Alice

Even though Alice is unemployed.

[Fallon] “It's hard on her, but I wish I had some of her problems.”

Seems owning your own house, having a degree and being married to a “hunky farrier” is better than having a job.

(actually, she might have a point…)

Matt’s playing the hard man again

[Matt] “When I get back, I expect to see some results, or I will be very disappointed.”

He’s getting very repetitive.

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