Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pavel wants more: Fri 17.08.12

The Archers Friday 17th August 2012
  • Jennifer’s American magnolia is dying
  • Mike’s not sure he wants to be a dad?
  • Pavel just wants to have fun

Jennifer’s American magnolia is dying

Just as she needs it to cover up Ruairi’s concrete ‘ dog’ statue.

It’s the day of the picker’s party, so she wants that dog hidden as much as possible.

[Jennifer] “It was helping to screen that wretched dog.”

[Adam] “Everyone’s seen it anyway, and know it’s not your bad taste, it’s Ruairi’s.”

But seemingly Charlotte’s mum is coming. Charlotte is a mate of Alice. Who I’ve never heard of before, but seemingly Alice must must must have there to comfort her over not getting a job she’d been going for. Can Charlotte can’t come if her mum doesn’t come, as she can’t get there otherwise.

(still with me? Very dull, I know).

Jennifer really doesn’t like Charlotte’s mother.

[Jennifer] “She’s such a  terrible social climber, she’d love the chance to sneer at my hideous garden statue.”

So Pavel and Adam move it. Jennifer thought they’d managed to smash it (huzzah!), but alas, it was just fine.

Mike’s not sure he wants to be a dad?

Well, he started out still wanting to be a dad this evening.

Proper full of the joys.

He even asked Vicky if it was okay if he had a beer, as she wouldn’t be able to have booze. They need to keep:

[Mike] “junior nice and fit and healthy.”

But after Vicky tells him of the risk and the tests, and the risks of the test. That they might (just might) have a baby with down’s syndrome.

[Mike] “I don’t know what to say.”

[Vicky] “We don’t know yet.”

[Mike] “How could you not ay. How could you keep it to yourself?”

Vicky tells him she was scared to say anything, but now he needs to know. And she can’t do it alone.

[Mike] “It was hard enough going to be a dad at my age, but now …”

This might get very difficult and tricky indeed.

Pavel just wants to have fun

Adam’s happy, so Ian is happy and Pavel is also happy.

If only Ian knew …

Ian and Pavel were having great japes trying to be Dog Guards (hiding the statue from Charlotte’s mum).

When Pavel managed to get Adam to himself:

[Pavel] “I think being around me is still hard for you …You and Ian have such a  great relationship, I don’t want to make any trouble for you.”

Adam apologies for dragging Pavel into this situation.

But Pavel didn’t sound like he was dragged, He says again he had a great time with Adam. That it was fun. That no one had got hurt.

[Pavel] “And if you want to … we all need to have a bit of fun sometimes, don’t we?”

Bunny boiler …

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