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Adam’s not at home: Fri 03.08.12

The Archers Friday 3rd August 2012
  • Ruth is serenading her ‘girls’
  • Eddie’s fame spreads
  • Ian and Adam have a barney prt 2
  • It’s raining
  • It’s too late for the bees
  • Keith’s a clype
  • Olympics, grans and sex on the beach
  • David breaks out the wine

Ruth is serenading her ‘girls’

Singing alone with Adele.

Wish she wouldn’t.

What an awful voice!

Eddie’s fame spreads

[David] “He’s a sculpturer with a growing reputation, don’t know if he’ll lower himself to driving a corn trailer!”

Seems his PR coup has also brought him some sales.

Crafty wee so and so!

Ian and Adam have a barney prt 2

Ian tells Adam about his chat with Brian.

[Adam] “So you’re all ganging up on me now!”

Later on:

[Ian] “He wants you to stay at Home Farm.”

Adam reckons that might be so, but they’ve made it impossible for him to stay.

[Ian] “You’ve lost the argument, it’s going ahead … your previous principles … what about all your other arable crops you’ve grown over the years … just because you don’t approve of this one case .. .you;re going to jeopardise our entire life!”

And Ian is most annoyed that Adam has asked him for an opinion at all. Not once. Which is rather like Brian not consulting Adam …

[Ian] “You might like to think of the consequences of your actions then … all this talk about moving away, have you thought about what you’d be giving up. Have you thought about what I’d be giving up … and look what I’d lose if we did.”

Ian loves Ambridge. His job. His boss. His friends. Being part of the community.

[Ian] “We’re accepted here.”

When Ian happens to mention what might happen to Adam’s inheritance if he leaves:

[Adam] “Ah, I get it. That’s what this is about … my inheritance. Your chance, one day, of opening your own place!”

[Ian, beyond fury] “How dare you. How can you say that. I don’t give a damn about your inheritance for me. I care about you going nuclear and abandoning everything that’s good in our life. And before you start pointing the finger at my motivation, maybe you should take a close look at yourself. I am sick to death of you playing Mr morale high and mighty, Brian and Debbie aren’t monsters, they’re not trying to poison people, they’re just trying to produce milk in a way that gives the farmer a decent wage when practically no one else in the country can do it … and honestly if I hear one more word about how fulfilling and uplifting your time in Africa was, I think I’ll break something. You go bleating on …”

Ian tells Adam that he’s only got what he has because of Brian.

[Adam] “I’m paying the mortgage!”

[Ian] “We’re paying the mortgage!!! … For all your talk about Africa, since you came back, have you followed up any of the work you did out there?”

[Adam] “I kept in touch.”

[Ian] “Rubbish. You’re nothing but a hypocrite.”

Ouch. String stuff from both.

When Ian later gets home, Adam isn’t there.

Ominous …

It’s raining

Bout time too!

Not that I’d wish it on anyone, but Ambridge did seem to have escaped the horrific summer that the rest of us have been having. Seems not so. They’ve had it as bad as the rest of us (they just never really mentioned it before, which is odd for a Brit).

But it’s bad news for the harvest, which is another problem Adam doesn’t need.

[Ruth] “And don’t you worry. You will get it in. Always do.”

It’s too late for the bees


Seems the sun has come too late, so the bees won’t be a strong bunch this year.

[Ruth] “But Josh liked his new bee suit. And at least his new one has room for him to grow.”

Well, that’s okay then.


Keith’s a clype

The Police have arrested three more members of the gang, which David reckons means they must have the whole gang now.

[David] “So, presumably, Keith must have coughed the lot.”

Won’t that mean Keith’s going to have a hellish time in prison?

And The Horrobins might start getting nasty phone calls?!?

Olympics, grans and sex on the beach

[Josh] “I wanted to watch the trampolining”

[Ruth] “Since when have you watched trampolining?”

Well, the Olympics does bring out the random sports that we all become riveted. Quite normal, really.

It gets worse for Josh. Not only is he not allowed to watch the telly (they are about to sit down and eat), he’s getting fish and chips for tea. Normally That would be marvellous, but it’s home cooked. By Ruth.

And back onto the Olympics – mind that Alistair had got himself, Shula and Daniel tickets in the lottery? Well they’re off now, to watch the riding.

[David] “Shula can barely contain herself. Alistair must be one popular guy in that household.”

Then Pip starts texting Josh with pictures from her holiday – sun, sand and …

[Josh] “It’s not fair. Daniel gets to go to London. Pip’s having sex on the beach …”

[David] “What? Let me see that photo!”

[Ruth] “He means the cocktails”


Poor Josh. All he got was a few days with Ruth’s mum.

David breaks out the wine

With the fish and chips.

He wants to celebrate that they can get back to ‘normal’ since the gang have all been arrested.

But, as David also said, there’s still the trial to get through …

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