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Shula misses the Olympics: Wed 08.08.12

The Archers Wednesday 8th August 2012
  • Jennifer won’t lose Adam
  • What a rubbish birthday for Shula
  • David and Ruth to go on holiday
  • Pip’s a saint?
  • Jennifer’s trying to work out Mike’s age
  • Ruth wouldn’t say no to a ham sandwich

Jennifer won’t lose Adam

[Jennifer] “Adam wait. You’re not really leaving the farm, are you?”

[Adam] “Well there’s not an awful lot keeping me here.”

Jennifer’s horrified at that. He has the other parts of the farm business than the arable. A lovely home. He’s settled with Ian. He’s stable.

[Jennifer] “That’s all any mother wants.”

Jennifer’s also noticed something else is amiss. Adam’s not just stressed and upset about Brian.

[Jennifer] “I can see it in your face. There is, there’s something troubling you.”

[Adam] “I just can’t do it anymore. If I carry on the way I am, I’ll wreck everything.”

[Jennifer] “You’ve made such a  wonderful life here for you and Ian, so why give it up … you’re so precious to me, it’d break my heart if I lost the two of you … don’t do something rash and throw it all away.”

Listen to your mum, Adam.

Though whether Ian will still want you after you tell him about Pavel (which you will) is utterly out of your hands.

What a rubbish birthday for Shula

It started well.

She was just setting off to the Olympics with Alistair and Daniel. Alistair had got tickets for the riding for her Christmas. And Alistair had given her a new handbag for her birthday (today – though Kenton must have had a very, very quiet one indeed as we heard nowt about his!)

Just as they’re about to leave to take the train to London. Reg calls.

[Shula] “Oh no. Not again”

Seems Bunty has had another fall. (Reg and Bunty were Mark’s parents).

What happened next was bizarre.

Shula went to them to help. Their daughter lives in Cornwall, so it’s really down to Shula.


Alistair and Daniel still went to the Olympics, taking Jamie in Shula’s place.


Why on earth didn’t Alistair go to Bunty and Reg’s aid? Or any other of the Archer clan (there’s millions of them!).

To really rub it in. Alistair calls Shula from the Olympics. She can hear cheering on the background.

[Alistair] “If they can’t manage, Joanna will have to look into sheltered accommodation or something … I’m sorry, I’m just upset for you … this was supposed to be your special day.”

[Shula] “It is what it is.”

[Alistair] “Oh Shula I’m sorry. It shouldn’t be up to you”

[Shula] “Well there’s nobody else, is there. As long as you’re all having a good time.”


Alistair can be utterly oblivious sometimes.

Daft man.

David and Ruth to go on holiday


Pip’s back from her holiday. She hasn’t slept for the last 26 hours, so sounds like she had a simply super time!

She had such a super time, she wants David and Ruth to go away and have their own super time. Pip will look after the farm with Josh, (and Eddie, Bert and co keeping an eye), while David and Ruth go off with Ben.

Will they go somewhere exotic?

Probably not.

Pip’s a saint?

Surely not? That would make her Shula’s daughter …

Regardless, Pip’s being rather saint-like:

[Phoebe] “Keith must be terrified … if he’s the one who pointed the finger … they’re going to hate him. They’re pretty scary people.”

[Ruth] “I don’t know, and I don’t care!”

David concurs with Ruth. He’s angry that Keith has got bail.

[David] “What do you have to do to get locked up these days?”

With such empathy, Pip really can’t be from that corner of the Archer stable.

(just jesting. Course she is!)


Jennifer’s trying to work out Mike’s age

She’s seemingly mesmerised by Vicky being pregnant.

Jennifer, Mike’s 63.

Though if you could find put for us what bit of 40 Vicky inhabits, that would be marvellous.

Ruth wouldn’t say no to a ham sandwich

Fair enough.


Anonymous said...

She's 46. But I can't remember how I know that.

Inga McVicar said...


caroline_venezia said...

I think I heard Vicky say the other week that she's 46.

I found the Shula-going-to-Reg-and-Bunty's-aid thing bizarre but in a different way. What did they need her to do? I'd have gone to London if I were Shula. It was only a fall... presumably Reg was capable of phoning an ambulance... and paying for a taxi home if need be... Shula got some shopping for them, but why would they have needed it - why wouldn't they have food in the house already? If Shula had already set off, Reg would have had to cope without her. Or am I just a bad person?