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Mike and Vicky see their baby: Mon 06.08.12

The Archers Monday 6th August 2012
  • Matt wants to maximise assets
  • Doesn’t Vicky know about Susan?
  • Mike’s amazed
  • Pavel’s going to be a problem?
  • Listen to Aunty Lilian

Matt wants to maximise assets

Seems that what their accountant has told him to do. Matt and Lilian’s cashflow isn’t holding up to well

Matt reckons it’s because they have one flat empty, No.3 The Green is a charity case (though Lilian reminded him it’s Peggy’s charity that’s helping Elona and Darrell, not theirs), and a couple called the Walters have a (low) long term lease.

So, without Lilian’s agreeing to such action, Matt goes round to the Walters to make them an offer. To no avail.

[Matt] “Those two, they’re like a pair of limpets. The hard you kick, the more they cling on!”

Matt tried to offer them their other empty flat. Which, as Lilian pointed out, is too small. And beneath Jazzer and Harry. Hardly appropriate for an elderly couple.

[Lilian] “Not everything is an opportunity to make a quick buck.”

[Matt] “Well a quick buck wouldn’t go amiss at the moment.”

Everyone needs to be on guard when Matt’s wanting to make a few more pennies …

Doesn’t Vicky know about Susan?

[Vicky] “What with Keith getting arrested … I’ve heard all the stories about Clive, but now Keith as well, it’s like having the Krays as brothers!”

Well, for starter, I wouldn’t put the Horrobins in the league of the Krays. Clive might be as nasty, but hasn’t got the class to match.

But sounds like Vicky is unaware of Susan’s own jailbird past.

Surely not?

But then again, the route of all gossip is Susan. And I suppose she’s not likely to gossip about her own dark secrets.

Mike’s amazed

Mike and Vicky are at their first scan.

[Mike] “I must be twice as age as the next oldest father here, probably wondering what on earth I’m doing here!”

Vicky reminds him that all the other expectant dads are too busy being expectant on their own part to notice him.

Poor Mike. He’s so badly out of his depth, and of another era.

He wasn’t even sure if he’d be allowed into the scan.

[Vicky] “Course you’re allowed. It’s your baby too!”

When they come out of the scan, Vicky’s incredibly giddy. She’s even started talking to her tummy.

[Vicky] “It’s really real, isn’t it … you must have felt it to. It’s like there’s actually a little person in there now!”

[Mike] “You’re right, it’s um, quite something …”

Vicky’s even thinking about names. She likes Dorothy, as her grandmother was called Dot.

[Vicky] “I think it means gift, and this baby’s a gift isn’t it Mike … well, I think so anyway.”

Later on:

[Vicky] “I know this isn’t necessarily what you wanted, but if you can just feel a little bit of what I do, you’d change your mind, you’d be just as thrilled as I am.”

[Mike] “I am! … it’s taken a while to sink in, but look, that’s my son. Or my daughter. It’s amazing. I can’t help it …”

[Vicky] “You were scaring me. I thought you were going to say you didn’t want it”

[Mike] “Don’t fret. I can see what it means to you. I love you. I only want to make you happy.”

So with Mike a happy dad, Vicky wants to tell everyone. But Mike’s not ready.

[Mike] “Give me a chance. One step at a time. I’ve only just got my head round it, I don’t know how they’re going to react … let me choose my moment, alright.”


Does anyone else detect that Mike’s pondering has been more about what Vicky wants than what he wants?

Pavel’s going to be a problem?

[Pavel] “Adam, you should not look so worried, nobody knows what we talk about … and it’s kind of exciting, yes?”

[Adam] “No … I feel bad enough already. Look, I’m not blaming you, you’re a very sweet guy, but you’re right, I am your boss, it’s just not appropriate.”

But Pavel doesn’t understand the word “appropriate”. Quite literally.

Pavel seemed to be okay with Adam not exactly wanting to cuddle after their adult intimacy, but has he understood that Adam doesn’t want it to happen again?

Will he become bunny boiling material?

Or, does Adam protest too much? Pavel over Ian?!?

Listen to Aunty Lilian

Lilian interrupts Adam talking to Pavel. Adam sends Pavel off to work.

[Adam] “Sorry about that Lilian, staffing problems.”


[Lilian] “It must be a nice problem to have. I don’t know how you keep your hands to yourself!”

(double ahem!)

Lilian’s worried about Adam, and has just been to see Jennifer, who’s even more worried about Adam. She’s also spoken to Ian:

[Lilian] “He told me you disappeared. Don’t tell me there’s nothing more to it …. Come on, it’s time for a chat with your aunty Lil.”

Adam has no choice. Time for Lilian to make sense of his life for him.

[Lilian] “I’d go stark raving mad if you and Ian leave Ambridge.”

[Adam] “I have to do what’s right for me.”

(note it’s “me” and not ‘we’ …)

Lilian tells him that family and home get ever more important as one gets older. Something to value and stick around for:

[Adam] “Well I don’t feel very valued at the moment.”

Adam tells Lilian that Ian has said he’ll move.

[Lilian] “I just find it hard to believe it’s what he really wants … There’s no point in running off to pastures news if it just makes Ian miserable instead.”

Fair point.

But will Adam listen?

Does Adam even care what does or doesn’t make Ian miserable anymore?

After all they’ve been through, even thinking of Adam’s recent 3 day coma, you’d think Ian would figure a bit more in Adam’s mind.

But seems not.

One can only hope that knock on the head affected Adam’s common sense. He’ll hopefully come back too before it’s too late.

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