Sunday, 26 August 2012

Jamie’s not on Sid’s memorial headstone?: Thurs 23.08.12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 23rd August 2012
  • Lucy’s as unpleasant as Sid was
  • Lance can’t come sailing … then he can
  • Hello Sid

Lucy’s as unpleasant as Sid was

Jolene’s arrived at Lucy’s after a very long trip indeed.

[Jolene] “Don’t think I’ve ever spent so long on a coach.”

Lucy couldn’t care less. All she heard was that Jolene couldn’t afford to fly, which means The Bull can’t be doing very well. Which makes Lucy gloat.

She’s also put Jolene in the same room that she’s last shared with Sid (before he died, obviously). She’s also, very helpfully, left a photo of Sid in there.

[Lucy] “I thought you’d like to be reminded of him, before you see the memorial tomorrow.”

Lucy then went on to hint that it was Jolene’s fault Sid’s heart gave out. She was too young for him.

And she only offers tea when Jolene asked for coffee. Then made Jolene feel fat for asking for sugar.

What a witch!

On Kenton …

[Lucy] “He didn’t come over with Kathy did he, when dad died … I can’t help thinking, if it had been dad, I can’t imagine him not giving support when it was needed for his partner …”

She really is Sid’s daughter …

Lance can’t come sailing … then he can

Lance is back at Mel’s.

[Lance] “Just as well, someone’s got to teach this pom how to play cricket!”

Kenton then asks Meriel if she wants to go sailing for a week. Though Mel is at first angry he didn’t ask her first, she agrees. And, perfect to Kenton’s plan, Aidan can’t go as he’d be away from their business for too long.

Lance also invites himself.

Kenton says no, as it’s meant to be just a family trip.

When Jolene gets back from Lucy’s (incredibly quickly considering the distance – one moment there, next moment here!), Kenton’s again ignoring her. It took Lance to get her wine, cook her a lovely steak, and flirt with her …

Lance tells her that when they go sailing, Kenton and Mel will be too busy to talk to her. Seems Kenton and Mel are quite a team when it comes to sailing a boat.

So, sensing she’ll have even more of a rubbish time that she thought, Jolene invites Lance.

Kenton can’t really argue about that.

Which one do we reckon is going to be pushed overboard?

Hello Sid

Lucy takes Jolene to see Sid’s memorial.

[Lucy] “No offence, but I;m still not really sure why you want to, it’s not where his ashes are scattered … I come her a lot. It’s all I’ve got.”

(pick, pick)

Odd this is that when Jolene read out the headstone, it mentioned Lucy and her kids, and Jolene, but no Jamie.

That’s a drama waiting to happen …

Anyhoo, Jolene only gets to say a quick hello and goodbye.

[Jolene] “I miss you, rest in peace my darling.”

Lucy drags her off again as it’s raining.

[Lucy] “I think it’s quite remarkable how you’ve been able to move on so quickly, it must be quite a comfort … a guy like Kenton, he must be such a distraction … not for the long haul, but a laugh while it lasts”


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