Friday, 24 August 2012

Adam wants to get put more: Sun 19.08.12

The Archers Sunday 19th August 2012
  • Adam’s acting guilty
  • Mike doesn’t want chocolate chip, or to talk
  • Football supporters descend on The Bull
  • Ian prefers home to clubbing
  • Fallon’s the brains, Rhys pulls the pints

Adam’s acting guilty

Adam’s bought Ian an orchard.

[Adam] “Not too rainforest for you? … I’ve a man in Peru who ships them over.”

[Ian] “Very romantic.”

And what’s more, Adam’s booked them dinner at Milo’s (the restaurant Ian had booked for Adam’s birthday, but Adam was too tired to go). Ian’s perplexed at the sudden outpouring of niceness.

[Ian] “I’d love to but, why, what’s the special occasion? What have I done to deserve this?”

[Adam] “Do I need an excuse … let’s just say it’s for being with me … I’m not too proud of the way I’ve behaved … you kept me sane. I might have been on a plane to Nairobi …”


Adam knows that he’s behaved far, far worse than Ian realises.

Orchards and dinner won’t take away that guilt.

Mike doesn’t want chocolate chip, or to talk

The biscuits, because he was too busy to work.

After sorting the pulsator (whatever that is) for Ed, Mike’s so tired from work that he needs a nap. But, spotting that Vicky isn’t too chirpy at the moment, he suggests they go out to The Bull after he has his nap.
So, they go to the Bull.

Mike’s rabbiting on about everything but the decision they have to make.

Vicky tries to talk about the amniocentesis test. She’s been looking it up on the internet. Which is always a dangerous thing to do. She’s just confused herself even more.

[Mike] “Vicky love, maybe this isn’t the best time or place.”

[Vicky] “I know you’d rather not talk about it … but that won’t make it go away.”

Tomorrow, Mike says.

They’ll talk about tomorrow.

Football supporters descend on The Bull

Not really.

Rhys was just winding up Fallon.

The cad.

[Fallon] “I’m serious, you’ll go down in the cellar and you won’t come out!”

Ian prefers home to clubbing

Adam wants to have a social life

But not when it would involve socialising with the pickers.

[Adam] “No I see quite enough of the pickers at work, thanks all the same.”

Hmmm. Wonder why he’s so sure about that …

Anyhoo, Adam does want to go out more, but wants to go further than The Bull.

[Ian] “What, so go clubbing? Really? Are you sure you’re up to that?”

[Adam] “Are you suggesting I’m past it … I’m not saying we have to stoke ourselves with chemicals and stay out all night!”

[Ian] “Well, who wants to be 23 again.”

Ian then mentions Pavel.

He’s been thinking of him (not in ‘that’ way, or because he suspects anything), and about how he’s not committed to anything. Not tied down. Can do what he wants.

But Ian wouldn’t want to swap places.

[Ian] “What we’re got is so much better … All that stress and insecurity, one night stands and two day hangovers, who needs it … I am sounding very middle aged here, but I like our life the way it is. Sitting at home at night, watching DVDs, the garden, the hot tub, breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings …”

Fallon’s the brains, Rhys pulls the pints

Fallon is determined to keep the pub busy. She seems to be on a mission to prove she can successfully run it, while Jolene is away.

Rhys isn’t impressed. Fallon keeping the pub busy by putting on more and more entertainment is just making them having to work harder. He thinks The Bull us busy enough as it is.

[Fallon, taking the Michael out of Rhys] “How to run a successful pub … you just put a sign outside saying pub, and wait for people to come pouring in!”

Rhys fights back. He tells Fallon that she doesn’t need to make an effort, as Jolene will be back enough soon to take care of it.

[Fallon] “Oh, so why should I worry my pretty little head about it.”

[Rhys, talking about all of the events] “I just don’t get it .”

[Fallon] “No, you wouldn’t, would you. That’s why I’m in charge and you’re a bar man. So no need to worry your head about it, you just keep serving the drinks and leave the rest to me.”



Hugo said...

Hmmm, Fallon and Rhys. Perhaps in the future... I so want Fallon to be happy, that's my problem.

caroline_venezia said...
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caroline_venezia said...

We didn't catch what Adam had bought Ian, despite listening twice, so thanks. But - an orchard? What sort of orchard?? Do we suppose it's in the 3rd world, and like the schemes for buying someone a goat etc?

I found Fallon quite irritating in this episode actually. "That’s why I’m in charge and you’re a bar man"!? Actually, you're in charge because your mum's the landlady, love.