Friday, 31 August 2012

Emma has a picnic in the rain: Tues 28.08.12

The Archers Tuesday 28th August 2012
  • No Zig a Zoo Land for George
  • David still really (really!) hates badgers
  • Matt blames Darrell
  • The Mighty Zar!

No Zig a Zoo Land for George

Poor George.

His mates are going, but it’s too expensive for Ed and Emma (seems it’s some sort of theme park).

So George gets to go to the local playground with Emma and Keira, with a promise that another of his mates will be there.

But, George’s other mate can’t make it.

It starts raining.

George can’t get a push on the swings as Emma is trying to get Keira to eat cheese spread.

But Emma won’t eat the cheese spread.

Emma’s at the end of her tether when Lilian saunters by with a few choice words to cheer Emma up:

[Lilian] “Don’t worry Emma, it does get better, until they’re teenagers, and then it gets worse.”

When it starts to really pee it down, Emma admits defeat and goes home.

Probably to harass Ed about their lack of disposable income.

Easily solved, Emma.

Go back to doing more paid work than just cleaning Brookfield’s kitchen floor …

David still really (really!) hates badgers

Even though David is letting Ed store the badger traps in his lean-to, he still won’t forgive the badgers for any past, current or future wrong doings.

[David] “No, you know what I’d do, if I had the choice, if we were allowed to …”

Anyhoo, seems the badger traps have to have notes on them to tell passer-bys that the badgers are being caught to be vaccinated, not being hurt.

Do-gooders who would do them ill without knowing.

And also seems that Ed isn’t getting paid for any of the work he’ll be doing to vaccinate the badgers. He can only get paid for it year 2.

Emma will be pleased that he has to get even more early than usual for no extra pay.

Matt blames Darrell

Matt’s back from his golf weekend to a very unimpressed Lilian.

She tells him about the flood at the Walters’.

[Matt] “These things happen.”

[Lilian] “You know, you need to be careful Matt, they’re an elderly couple, suppose they get ill or there’s an accident?”

[Matt] “Are you saying I had something to do with the water leak?”

[Lilian] “Did you?”

[Matt, sounding hurt] “No!”

Though Matt claims they do indeed badly need cashflow:

[Matt] “Not at the expense of hurting old people.”

Lilian then told Matt what Darrell had told her. So Matt calls Darrell, in quite an angry mood.

[Matt] “I’m not having that lunket …”

(lunket? What’s a lunket???)

Though Matt wants Darrell to come over straight away, Lilian’s busy:

[Lilian] “That’s no use for me, I’m due at The Bull.”

[Matt] “You’re starting early!”

(atta-boy! What a perfect way to calm down Lilian. Call her an alcoholic)

When Darrell does come round, and Lilian’s back, Matt lays it on thick. He’s pretending he’s horrified at what had happened to the Walters.

[Matt] “Nothing that might  engender the health of an elderly couple … We have a duty of care, especially the elderly ones … we shouldn’t be causing them any extra stress … What you and I want is to work for the best, long term interest of our residents.”

Darrell seems stunned. As Matt lectures him, all he can do is agree.

But Lilian’s not fooled.

She’s given the Walters her mobile number. So, any problems, she’ll be the first to know.

[Lilian] “There are not going to be any more out of hour emergencies … are there Matt?”


Matt may think he’s clever, but he’s just not as clever as our Lilian.

The Mighty Zar!

[George] “Be silent woman, for am I the mighty Zar, and I don’t take prisoners!”

What a funny wee chap!

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