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They may laugh, but Vicky is indeed pregnant: Tues 07.08.12

The Archers Tuesday 7th August 2012
  • Phoebe’s second welcome home
  • Is Jennifer starting to choose Adam?
  • Has Roy ever forgiven Kate?
  • You can’t keep a Vicky silent
  • Reaction to Baby Tucker
  • They could start an older mum’s club

Phoebe’s second welcome home

After Phoebe’s first coming party was a bit of a damp squib (as Phoebe was upset, because of Kate), everyone’s organised a second party (a BBQ this time) round at Roy and Hayley’s.

It meant Vicky, Mike, Jennifer and Brian would also be round (also Tom and Brenda, though they never actually showed). Perfect timing for Vicky …

I also learned Phoebe’s rather marvellous trick on how to get a BBQ going with a washing up liquid bottle. Use an empty one, and squeeze it at the BBQ to get a flame going. Clever!

Is Jennifer starting to choose Adam?

[Brian] “Adam’s not going to leave, he’s just throwing his toys out of the pram.”

[Jennifer, furious] “This isn’t a game to him Brian, this is about what he wants to do with his life!”

[Brian] “Fine then, let him go off and run a kibbutz for a year or two.”

Jennifer tells Brian to tell Adam (!) that he wants him to stay.

I’d do what I was told, if I was Brian. Never get between a  mother and her child.

Later on, at Phoebe’s party, Brian starts to tell Mike that Adam’s being silly. Jennifer hears him, and tells him:

[Jennifer] “Look, just be quiet and eat your hot dog.”

Has Roy ever forgiven Kate?

Phoebe is still a bit sad about Kate. Roy tries to persuade her not to let good times be spoilt by bad. And:

[Roy] “Kate us very, very sorry. Sometimes you just have to forgive and forget. And that’s me saying that!”


When did Roy forgive Kate?

You can’t keep a Vicky silent

When Vicky and Mike arrive at the BBQ, Vicky makes sure Roy notices she’s not drinking. Doctor’s orders. Detox (Mike interjected).

[Vicky] “Oh Mike, are you sure we can’t tell them? I’m just bursting!”

[Mike] “It’s Phoebe’s party. Don’t spoilt it. We’ll tell them soon enough.”

But Vicky’s not listening. As she’s sitting down with the ladies:

[Vicky] “Oh I could eat enough for two people!”

That prompts Jennifer to saw that Vicky looks like she has a glow …

[Vicky] “Oh, I wish I could tell you my secret!”

The very unsubtle hints keep coming. How Jennifer must feel that Ruairi, children in general, keeps one young. Hayley offers Abbie. Vicky says she won’t need her …

[Phoebe] “Why, you’re not pregnant. Are you granny Vicky?”

All the ladies have a grand chortle at the very thought!

[Jennifer] “Pregnant. Now that really would be a secret!”

Vicky runs over to Mike to say that everyone’s guessed, so they should announce it anyway.

[\Vicky] “Female intuition perhaps.”

So, very reluctantly, agrees.

[Vicky] “Today, we’re not only welcoming Phoebe back home. There’s also going to be another addition to the family. Me and Mike are having a baby!”

Brian nearly choked on his aforementioned hot dog.

[Roy] “But how?”

[Vicky] “What do you mean how, the usual way!”

[Jennifer] “Oh my lord!”

Jennifer noticed the BBQ was on fire …

Reaction to Baby Tucker

[Vicky] “What do you reckon eh, that’s your little aunt or uncle?”

[Phoebe] “How weird is that. I was only joking when I asked.”

[Mike] “Joking!”

(Vicky duped him onto the announcement)

[Mike] “I didn't mean you to find out this way. Vicky, she doesn’t always understand you might have mixed feelings … what with your mum … I thought you might feel like I was leaving her behind, starting a new family.”

[Roy] “No. Look. I’m sorry if I seem a bit, um, it’s just a lot to take in. But if you and Vicky are happy, then so am I … well, you didn’t want a  quiet retirement anyway, did you?”

(Roy – sounding not so happy)

[Jennifer] “More like a rabbit in  headlights. Do think Vicky forced him?”

[Brian] “I don’t suspect she pinned him down!”

Jennifer also seems to be relishing the village gossip to follow …

They could start an older mum’s club

[Vicky to Jennifer] “Looks like we’re both in the same boat. You’ll have to give me some tips about how to be an older parent … if you can manage at your age, I’m sure we could!”


Though I think by that point Jennifer was too stunned (or drunk!) to notice the insult.

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