Sunday, 26 August 2012

Shula has a Funday … the Tuckers not so: Sun 26.08.12

The Archers Sunday 26th August 2012
  • The lady ain’t for gardening
  • Shula’s Funday
  • Still laughing at the Grundys
  • Don’t get between a man and his dairy magazines
  • Elizabeth expects Lilly to think she’s better?
  • I still think Alistair can help with Reg and Bunty

The lady ain’t for gardening
Mike’s been flicking through the Flower & Produce Show schedule. He wondered aloud to Vicky about whether she’s going to enter anything, considering she enjoyed it so much last year.

(*sigh* Mike seems to have lost all his tact)

[Vicky] “It hasn’t even crossed my mind, and I certainly amn’t going to be doing any gardening.”

Shula’s Funday

Was, obviously, horse related.

Elizabeth and the Twins certainly had a grand time.

They both took part in the racing games.

[Freddie] “I like the way the fences go higher every round.”

Abbie and Phoebe were also there, though Roy is cautious about Abbie seeming to get more and more Roy into horses. That would be too expensive a hobby.

Still laughing at the Grundys

[Roy] “And I can assure you it is pork, not wild boar … I hear the Grundy’s are overdosing on it a bit, eating it every meal.”

[Mike] “Oh yeah, you don’t want to get Joe Grundy on the results, I can tell you that.”


Don’t get between a man and his dairy magazines

During Sunday lunch, Roy and Hayley are caught between Mike and Vicky

Vicky wants to start buying more baby stuff.

[Mike] “Oh Vicky, surely not yet!”

Mike claims he just meant that they have months and months to go, but what he really meant was they don’t know the results of the tests yet … so they don’t know what their decision would be ‘if’ … and that means there’s no point having baby clothes. Yet.

Vicky then starts talking about clearing out their spare room (which is would seem Mike sees as his study, where he goes to stew). She seems to suggest Mike’s diary magazines are just rubbish …

[Mike] “Why do you have to go at it like a bull at a gate?”

[Hayley, sounding very uncomfortable] “It’s the nesting instinct …Forces of nature, they can be difficult to deal with.”

After Vicky and Mike leave (obviously to continue their argument, finally in private)

[Hayley] “Wasn’t exactly a perfect Sunday dinner, was it?”

[Roy] “It was a bit …”

[Hayley] “Awkward.”

[Roy] “A baby, it’s a huge think to come to terms with, especially at their age of life, especially dad …”

Elizabeth expects Lilly to think she’s better?
Sounded like it.

Almost as if Elizabeth also thinks Lilly is better …

At Sheila’s Funday:

[Lilly] “Freddie’s a natural.”

[Elizabeth] “Very generous of you to say so.”


What an odd way to talk to a child.

But then again, it is Elizabeth.

I still think Alistair can help with Reg and Bunty

Shula still has to go over to Reg and Bunty’s house every week. Bunty is better, but they still need help.

[Shula] “And I can’t ask Alistair to do anything, my first husband’s parents.”

Well, I don’t see why not.

It’s not as if Mark is around to be an alternative to Alistair for Shula.

Alistair seems to cope with Mark and Shula’s son in his life quite nicely.

Anyhoo – Shula wants Reg and Bunty to move into somewhere more “appropriate”.

[Shula] “They get so defensive. It’s like I’m farming them out to a home.”

[Elizabeth] “It makes me realise how lucky we were with Julia.”

Which, Elizabeth says herself, is something she never thought she’d say outloud!

As much work as Julia was, at least she was independent and healthy. Until she died.

Reg and Bunty, on the other hand, can only get worse until a solution is found.

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caroline_venezia said...

Re Reg & Bunty: I'm afraid my first thought when Shula mentioned them moving somewhere more convenient, was Cornwall.

And as for Elizabeth being 'lucky' with Julia - it helps when you have staff, I expect!