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Vicky remembers there’s risks to late pregnancies: Wed 15.08.12

The Archers Wednesday 15th August 2012
  • Romance and heartbreak
  • The village Fete and Community Games raised a record amount
  • Arthur will be taken out in his coffin
  • What is it with raves?
  • It took Lynda to say “down’s syndrome”

Romance and heartbreak

[Vicky] “So you were there then, when it happened, when Harry and Grant were reunited … and how did you feel the next day when you saw them together again?”

[Fallon] “Surprised …”

Vicky thinks it’s ever so romantic, completely missing that Fallon might be ever so miffed that Harry had such varied tastes … just not her.

The village Fete and Community Games raised a record amount

Well done indeedy.

There’s even talk of making the Community Games an annual event, they were that popular. Fallon reckons Lynda will be most delighted about that:

[Fallon] “Now that you’ve got your medal to defend!”

Arthur will be taken out in his coffin

Darrell’s round at Joyce and Arthur’s (the Walters – the elderly couple Matt wants out of their home so that he can get more rent for it). After Rosa bought her scooter, he decided to go ahead and be part of Matt’s plan to scam Joyce and Arthur out of their house.

But he’s not having an easy time of it.

[Joyce] “Real ginger, not the powdered stuff, that’s what makes the difference.”

They’re feeding him cake.

[Joyce] “52 years and he still thinks he’s the boss!”

They’ve been married even such a long time. 40 years of which has been spent in this very home.

And they both have arthritis. She in her hip, he in his hands.

Just when Darrell is about to crack, and leave them be, Matt calls round.

[Matt] “So, quite a little tea party … you’re only making it hard for yourself … this place just isn’t suitable for Joyce and Arthur … it’s your jib to make them understand it too.”

When Darrell gets back to Joyce and Arthur:

[Darrell] “I’m sorry to say this, I’ve got some bad new to tell you.”

He says the damp has spread. He’ says he’ll have to rip apart the kitchen. He says they should move out, into that nice modern flat Matt suggested.

But no.

They say they’ll “make do”. They’ll use their camping stove, then do the dishes in their bathroom. They say their neighbours will rally round.

[Darrell] “Hold on, I know you’re fond of this place but, that’s only the half of it. It’s a renovation job.”

[Arthur] “When I move out of here, it’ll be feet first in my coffin!”

And they tell Darrell to do what he has to do, and not mind them.

Matt’s not going to be amused. Maybe he’s met his match.

What is it with raves?

That’s the second mention in a week.

No one has ‘raved’ since the early 90s. Apart from in Ambridge.

Seems Fallon and Rhys are getting a DJ and a band in.

[Lynda to Vicky] “Do you fancy a rave upstairs at the bull?”

Good god!

It took Lynda to say “down’s syndrome”

Vicky had a shock today.

She’d got a call about a test. I thought it was to say the baby wasn’t Mike’s …

… far more serious than that.

[Vicky] “I should have thought. I knew that there had to be a risk at my age … I just blanked it our … there’s a higher than usual probably of the baby, you know …”

[Lynda] “All it means is, according to the initial test, you’ve a slightly increased risk of having a baby with down’s syndrome … that’s still a  long way from a diagnosis, the chances are you’re worrying about nothing at all … you’ve got to be realistic of course, but you shouldn’t be jumping to any conclusions at this stage.”

[Vicky] “I’ve been so happy these last few days and now …”

[Lynda] “Now, nothing’s changed, the baby’s still inside you quite happy. It’s not worrying about any test results!”

But now Vicky’s worried about whether she should get more tests, and what he’ll say. But as Mike’s working, Lynda takes Vicky home to hers to have a proper talk.

With Vicky being 19 weeks:

[Vicky] “We’re come so far already.”

She tells Lynda she thinks she can hear the baby moving. Fluttering.

[Lynda, sounding wistful] “Ah, that must be so exciting for you.”

[Vicky] “I couldn't bear losing it now. Not for the sake of some test.”

It’s the amniocentesis test they’re talking about. Which carries a risk in itself, and could tell them perhaps more than they want to know.

Vicky doesn’t even want to tell Mike she has to decide whether to have the test.

[Vicky] “Well that’s why I’m worried Lynda, he’s been on such a high, I’m sure the possibility that we might have a baby with down’s has never crossed his mind.”

What a worry.

And if Vicky has the test, what will she do if it isn’t perfect news?

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