Sunday, 12 August 2012

Adam’s staying: Fri 10.08.12

The Archers Friday 10th August 2012
  • Adam and Ian are leaving
  • Blast Rosa and her scooter!
  • Adam tries to blame Pavel
  • Adam and Ian are staying …
  • … or maybe not!

Adam and Ian are leaving
[Adam] “The last harvest at home farm.”

[Ian] “Things aren’t working here, I can see what it’s doing to you.”

[Adam] “I need to know you’re happy for us to move away.”

[Ian] “I’ll find something else. Everyone needs to eat.”

They’re interrupted by a text from Pavel … which doesn’t say much (just asking what Adam is doing later), but Adam’s spluttering reaction was a bit much. Ian didn’t notice though. He thought the invite was for them both.

Blast Rosa and her scooter!

Matt sends Darrell round to the Walters’ house to see how much work it needs done on it.

[Matt] “And we don’t want a  sweet old couple like Joyce and Arthur living in a dump.”

Rosa wants a scooter.

Darrell’s trapped between Matt and the scooter …

After spending most of the day writing down what needs to be fixed in the house that Joyce and Arthur have been living in for 40 years, Darrell hasn’t found anything serious to report.

Matt soon sees to that.

A bit of damp becomes a major problem, which Matt thinks Darrell will need to tear apart the house to fix.

[Matt] “If Arthur and Joyce don’t like it, they could move somewhere else. I’ve already offered them a flat.”

[Darrell] “I’m not sure I want to … what are you actually asking me to do Matt?”

Noting illegal, but certainly not very humane.

[Matt] “I wouldn’t bother mentioning it to Lilian though. She doesn't like to get her hands dirty with the day to day maintenance.”

Again, Darrell either does Matt’s bidding, and gets the money to buy stuff for his very demanding family, or he says no and has no work.

Just tell Lilian.

She’ll soon put a stop to Matt.

Adam tries to blame Pavel

Adam goes round to see Pavel.

[Adam] “I got your text.”

[Pavel] “You could not wait, yes … I am thinking about you also.”

[Adam] “That’s not why I’m here Pavel. This has to stop … This isn’t some free and easy open relationship you’re messing with, this is my marriage.”

[Pavel] “Then you should have said no. It was just a bit of fun …”

[Adam] “Well not for me, don’t you get that Pavel. It was a mistake, I just wanted to let rip, to let go, and feel like you, I suppose … how I used to, when you think you can take on the world … you fall in love and then you realise you can’t put yourself first all the time … Do you have any idea how guilty I feel.”

[Pavel] “I understand, but why do you say this to me?”

[Adam] “Because I don't want you to ruin my relationship.”

[Pavel] “And I have not told anybody … so what are you doing here. Maybe it’s not me you should be talking to.”

Spot on Pavel!

Adam and Ian are staying

Adam tells Ian Pavel has gone clubbing, so they’ll just have a quiet night in.

Ian decides to do Adam’s socks.

(seriously, does anyone deserve a fabulous chap like Ian?)

[Adam] “I don’t want us to move away, I mean, we don’t have to … you were right. I’ve been completely self-obsessed … maybe mum’s right,. Maybe I am still recovering,. It’s like drowning.”

(ah – I think Adam is indeed still suffering from that heavy tap on his head)

[Adam] “It’s fantasy Ian, where would we go?”

Adam’s now promising to change (where have we heard that before? More and more like Brian every day)

[Adam] “It means the world to me that you would give everything up.”

So – Adam’s going to make a similar gesture.

He’s going to tell Brian he will grow the arable.

[Adam] “I lost the argument, I just need to accept it and move on.”

… or maybe not!

Adam and Ian ease themselves into their hot tub.

Adam has a G&T in one hand.

And a farming magazine in the other.

Bliss (for Adam).

[Adam] “It’s important to keep up to date.”

How true.

Adam spots the recruitment advert Brian had placed the other day. The one to replace Adam.


[Adam] “He’s got to be joking. How’s that for family, eh!”

[Ian] “Adam. Don’t go doing anything stupid.”


Back to the beginning then, I suppose.

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