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Adam has a one night stand: Sun 05.08.12

The Archers Sunday 5th August 2012
  • Where’s Adam?
  • Adam slept with Pavel
  • Phoebe wanted to collect the eggs
  • Adam lies to Ian
  • Kate feels shame!

Where’s Adam?

Adam still isn’t home. He didn’t come back at all last night.

He’s not at work either.

And he’s not answering his mobile.

Ian’s been leaving messages:

[Ian] “Adam, please don’t have done anything stupid.”

Well, Adam was doing something stupid …

Adam slept with Pavel

[Pavel] “Adam, are you going to answer that?”

[Adam] “No, I’ll deal with it later. Have you finished in the bathroom?”

[Pavel] “Why do you rush, the room is still ours yes, we don’t have to leave.”

[Adam] “Pavel, stop it, I’m already late. Last night was a one off okay … I was drunk, I was angry, it’s not who I am.”

[Pavel] “I understand. It’s alright.”

[Adam] “I shouldn’t have got you involved, it was supposed to be a drink …”

[Pavel] “But you had a good time yes, you did enjoy it?”

(and just incase we were wondering if they’d only got drunk and passed out::)

[Adam] “Put your clothes on, I need to get back.”

Oh Adam! Really!?!

What a stupid, stupid, stupid man you are.

When finally heading to work, Adam wants to drop Pavel a bit off so that they don’t arrive together.

[Pavel] “Will I see you later?”

[Adam] “What do you mean?”

[Pavel] “At the poly tunnels.”

Just as Adam is about to kick Pavel out of the car,

[Adam] “Oh hell!”

[Brian] “Adam, where have you been. Who is with you? Is that one of your pickers?”

Adam claims he’d taken Pavel to the doctor.

[Brian, sniffing the lie a mile off] “Is that so … As long as you’re still managing the arable, you need to shape up. You hear?”

My word. This won’t be a secret for very long. Brian knows adultery when he sees it.

Phoebe wanted to collect the eggs

But Hayley had already started it. Hayley is now used to doing so.

Phoebe gets a tad over the top, but it’s nowt to do with eggs.

Hayley manages to get phoebe to tell her what’s wrong.

[Phoebe] “Mum, it was horrible …”

Adam lies to Ian

So, to Brian, Adam had taken Pavel to the doctor.

To Ian, Adam said he’d been in Felpersham. Drank lots and lots of vodka. Alone. Was too drunk to get home, and couldn’t find a taxi, so “had to” stay at a hotel.

[Ian] “You had to, did you … I would have picked you up.”

Later on:

[Adam] “Come on then, tell me what an arrogant, self-centred fool I’ve been.”

[Ian] “I said some pretty nasty things yesterday too … I’m just glad you’re back.”

(oh Ian, if only you knew!

[Adam] “I am a hypocrite, you were right.”

[Ian] “You’re passionate, that’s all … I just wish you’d talk to me before making big decisions.”

Adam now claims he has a lot of things to think about, but just Brian and the Super Dairy.

(well, he certainly does now, after last night)

Ian tells Adam that he’s been pondering. Maybe he has got too comfortable at work. Maybe he needs a new challenge. This might be the “push” he needs.

[Ian] “If you’re really so unhappy, then I’ll come with you. Wherever …We promised to support each other, didn’t we. In good times and bad.”

Adam starts crying.

[Adam] “I don’t know how to tell you. I don’t deserve you.”

[Ian] “Of course you do. You’re you. Though you do do stupid things sometimes … By the way, I think you need to freshen up … Just don’t go doing anything like that without me again.”

Oh goodness me! Does anyone have Ian’s number? He needs to be told.

How could Adam sit there and hear Ian give up everything he loves, knowing that he’s cheated on him.

Though Adam did seem to almost start telling Ian, he certainly did try hard enough.

Bad Adam. You deserve Brian, after all.

Kate feels shame!

Who’d have thunk it!

Phoebe’s told Hayley what happened in South Africa. So Hayley tells Roy.

[Hayley] “Even I’m shocked by this one … it’s Kate. She’s been having an affair … and Phoebe found out … Kate lied to Phoebe, let her down again, dumping her … that’s why Phoebe was in a cab, they’d been rowing, Kate was trying to talk her way out of it and Phoebe couldn’t stand it. Phoebe was running away.”

Roy calls Kate:

[Roy] “We trusted you to take care of her!”

[Kate] “What do you want me to say? Well done, you were right … don’t you think I know I’ve ruined everything. This was my chance, Roy, to make up for leaving her.”

Roy apologies for shouting. Kate tells him that she didn’t tell him what had happened while (and with) Phoebe in the first place because she was ashamed.

[Kate] “Does she really hate me?”

[Roy] “No. Phoebe’s a smart girl. You don’t have to worry. I’m sure she’ll come round. It’s not as if we don’t want her to have a relationship with you.”

For an odd moment, we could actually hear Hayley’s thoughts. “Don’t we?” was what she thought as heard Roy say that last bit.

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