Friday, 10 August 2012

Off to The Fringe: Thurs 02.08.12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 2nd August 2012
  • Lager or cushions?
  • Fallon does indeed have dishonourable intentions
  • Phoebe noticed where Ruairi came from
  • And Kirsty makes four

Lager or cushions?
Jazzer wants to take crates of booze, and spirits, with them in their teeny tiny van because he doesn’t want to pay Edinburgh prices.

(ahem … I seem to recall The Bull is none too cheap neither!)

Harry’s packed more practically. Jazzer is not impressed.

[Jazzer] “We’re going to Scotland, not trekking across outer Mongolia. And why have you got cushions?”

[Harry] “To make the van comfortable. I brought fairy lights as well.”

[Jazzer] “Fairy lights! Oh gaes us  a break!”

[Harry] “Well, we need to be able to see at night.”

[Jazzer] “I’m sorry pal, but there’s no room. We need to make space for the beer … We don’t need your scatter cushions!”

When Harry tries to take half of Jazzer’s beer out of the van:

[Jazzer] “It's a road trip, you Jessie, the whole point is to get bladdered!”

(is it just me, or is Jazzer being a tad more macho, and verging more and more on homophobic, these days. Over compensating?)

But Fallon loves Harry’s fairy lights. Doesn’t seem to make her think he’s less of a man.

[Harry] “I had made a kind of bunkette.”

[Jazzer] “Bunkette! … I suppose you’ll be wanting a hammock and some joss sticks an a … it’s worse than when he’s poncing about the flat.”

Fallon leaves them to it.

Fallon does indeed have dishonourable intentions

[Fallon] “This trip was just meant to be me and Harry. There’s no chance Cupid will fire his arrow if Jazzer is standing in the way.”

Though it’s an anxious time.

Kenton hasn’t sorted out cover for Kirsty’s shifts, so she may not be able to come alone to distract Jazzer (not in ‘that’ way. Kirsty’s far too good for the likes of Jazzer!).

Phoebe noticed where Ruairi came from

Mike takes Phoebe fishing.

He’s doing a bit of fishing himself.

[Mike] “So, nothing else happened while you were over there, did it … you just seem a  bit, well, you ain't your old self.”

[Phoebe] “You haven’t seen me for a year … really granddad, I’m fine.”

After landing a fine brown trout (and putting it back rather than grilling it), Phoebe asks Mike if he still loves Betty.

[Phoebe] “You still really love nana, don’t you?”

[Mike] “Yeah, of course, just cause she ain’t here no more, don’t stop me remembering all those wonderful year we had to together. Why do you ask?”

[Phoebe] “Nothing. It’s nice …”

Phoebe’s been wondering what life would have been like if Roy and Kate had stayed together.

(oh the humanity!)

[Phoebe] “It’s like people say they’ll always loved each other … even granny and granddad haven’t always loved each other. Granddad had Ruairi with another woman. I bet granny never wanted to bring up a little boy at her age.”

[Mike] “No, but they’re all right now ain't they?”

[Phoebe] “I just don’t understand why people have to lie to each other, especially the people they’re supposed to care about the most.”

Mike tells her about relationships being about downs as well as ups. That things can happen when not expected. Mistakes. Folks lie to avoid hurting other folks.

[Mike] “You never know what life's going to throw at you.”

(indeed. Like a baby)

And Kirsty makes four

Though Jazzer only got to go on the trip to Edinburgh as the mechanic, the van’s broken again.

Though he does get it working, it sounds quite dodgy indeed.

[Jazzer] “What was that, thank you Jazzer, you’re my hero, ah, you are welcome!”

(I think Fallon was half wishing the van wouldn’t start, Kirsty still hadn’t shown up)

Jazzer’s happy enough, though.

[Jazzer] “Spend all day getting blootered, then pass out in the space I’ve cleared!”

Just as they’re about to get on the road, Kirsty turns up.

[Jazzer] “Ach, she’s only wee, the mair the merrier!”

So it’s boys in the back, girls in the front. That way that can chat amongst themselves …

[Fallon] “We might even get to see harry without his cycling shorts on!”

[Kirsty] “Speak for yourself K!”

While the boys:

[Jazzer] “Well that’s double our chances. We’ve got one each now.”

[Harry] “Oh don’t be foul!”

Jazzer reckons Harry needs to get over Zofia. Harry won’t share his cushions (now that Jazzer is in the van, he’s realised how uncomfortable it is).

And with that, they’re off!

[Jazzer] “I’ll show you what a civilised country looks like.”

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