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Ambridge: where bisexuality is as exciting as community games: Tues 14.08.12

The Archers Tuesday 14th August 2012
  • Ed can’t sleep for that sick cow
  • Emma helps Pip and her lamb
  • David and Ruth have time in bed
  • Jamie and Kathy return
  • They’re still gossiping about Harry
  • Party at Natalie’s
  • Emma even brings wire straighteners
  • Kathy prefers Rosa?

Ed can’t sleep for that sick cow

I was about to get all soppy over Ed being soppy, but turns out he’s just worried about the extra vet bills.

He’s already had to cut his prices, because Mike’s had to cut his prices.

And the cow is later confirmed to have Summer mastitis

[Ed] “It’s bad. She’s lost one quarter, could lose the calf.”

(I admit I have little to no idea what Ed’s on about, apart from the calf bit)

Ed reckons he and Emma would need to reign in their spending even further.

[Emma] “But, how? I’m doing everything I can. I don’t buy nothing we don’t need. I spend ages in the supermarket trying to find deals, and online.”

But the kids are growing, so there’s only so much she cannot have to buy.

(erm, go get a job Emma?)

Emma helps Pip and her lamb

Ed can’t sleep, Emma’s up anyway getting a glass of water. She then spots someone outside in Brookfield’s yard … but it’s only Pip.

[Ed] “As long as the barn’s not on fire again!”

Pip’s managing the farm while David and Ruth are on their (one night) holiday. Ed reckons he should go out and check on her, but Emma offers.


[Pip] “I woke up and heard one of the lambs making a fuss.”

It sounds like the lamb is in the orchard, which it shouldn’t be. It should be in the field with the rest of them (and its mum).

[Emma] “Is that torch working? Let’s go and have a look shall we?”

(double blimey!!)

[Pip] “I’m sorry, you must think I’m mad, getting up in the middle of the night.”

But she was right to check. The lamb had got through the fence, got itself twisted in the wire, and seems to have been in that state for a while. She blames herself for not having checked more careful earlier on.

Pip’s getting into a wee bit of a flap, so Emma steps in and temporarily sorts the fence so that no more can escape.

(triple blimey!!!)

David and Ruth have time in bed

David and Ruth wake up slowly and naturally. It’s almost 9am.

[David] “That must be close to your all time record!”

[Ruth] “I’ve been lying here thinking, there’s nothing I’ve got to do today.”

And with there being no stirring from Ben’s, Ruth sounds a bit fruity … she certainly doesn’t want David to call Pip to check she’s okay:

[Ruth] “Do you want to make me very, very cross … so put your phone down now, and come back to bed!”

Oh the horror!

Mind you, David and Ruth later turned up at Brookfield. They were due back after milking. So, Ruth did have stuff to do?

But let’s not split hairs.

Though it was only a night away, and they did have to do the milking later, David and Ruth had a “fab” time.

[Ruth] “Wonderful, fantastic, the best time ever!”

Jamie and Kathy return

It starts off well.

Jamie’s got some more work through Mike. This time clearing scrub up at Longwood.

Kathy says he’s just happy he’s out of bed before noon.

Then Kathy turns up at Jamie’s cricket match.

[Kathy] “That really, turned, did it?”

Kathy seems to irritate him by going on (and on) about how Rosa.

And tops it off with suggesting she could take him to College to get him exam results.

Jamie snaps at her. Just like old times.

He wants her to shut up about his exam results, and not come anywhere near his College.

Feeling nervous about the results, are we Jamie?

They’re still gossiping about Harry

[Kathy] “Still, it's filled a gap after the excitement of the community games … Susan was on overdrive, I’d love to have been a  fly on the wall when she found out … I feel a bit sad for Fallon though, didn’t she have a thing about Harry?”

Is there anything worse than pity?

Party at Natalie’s

For the exam results celebrations.

That’ll be the one Rosa was trying to find, to then crash.

On Natalie will be pleased about that.

Emma even brings wire straighteners

(quadruple blimey!!!!)

What on earth is wrong with Emma?

I can see why she helped Pip there and then in the night time, but she made a special trip back during the day to bring Pip some wire straighteners (Pip has no ken about where David would keep his).

And, she offered to come back later and lend a hand.

But wait … there’s more!

Emma had even put Keira to Susan’s so that she could be clear to help Pip.

Thinking of others. Even planning to think of others.

I’m deeply shocked!

[Pip] “That is one brilliant bit of fencing”

Well if this is the new Emma, I’m all for it!

Amazing what an uncle nearly burning your son to death can do.

Kathy prefers Rosa?

Kathy seems to be Rosa’s biggest fan.

She’s very impressed by Rosa buying her scooter, getting her training today, and mobile already.

[Kathy] “She doesn’t mess around, does she … they’ll be no stopping her now. She’ll be buzzing around all over the place!”

[Jamie] “Like a wasp, you mean.”

[Kathy] “Hey, she’s got style, and she looks good on that bike.”

Now, if I didn’t know Kathy, I would have thought she was being a bit letchy …

… maybe she’d prefer Rosa over Natalie to be her daughter-in-law (eventually).

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