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Pavel tries it on with Ian: Thurs 06.09.12

The Archers Thursday 6th September 2012
  • You can lead a cow to milk …
  • With age comes a better attitude to livestock
  • Lynda’s on about TPOs
  • Lynda puts her mouth in it
  • Pavel tries to seduce Ian
  • Adam’s found to something to like about the Super Dairy

You can lead a cow to milk …

… but it takes two farmers to make it drink.

David’s got a new cow, only born two days ago, who isn’t able to help itself to the milk bar. She doesn’t seem to understand what to do, and the other cows keep barging her out of the way.

[Adam] “She doesn’t look very assertive … do you want me to act as bouncer? … You may need to draw a diagram.”

But all’s well.

She takes to it fine in the end.

With age comes a better attitude to livestock

So reckons Lynda.

(she’s talking about Scruff)

Lynda’s on about TPOs

She’s worried about an Oak at end of Manorfield Close. Something about it being crowned and whether it has a Tree Preservation Order.

So, she goes to ask Mike.

He’s the Tree Warden.

He tells her that’s all’s well, as that tree doesn’t have a TPO.

Then Lynda puts her mouth in it …

Lynda puts her mouth in it

[Lynda] “I know the pair of you are facing some extra challenges now, but together, you and Vicky will be more than a match for them.”


Lynda isn’t supposed to know. Vicky isn’t supposed to have told anyone out of the family.

Mike holds his tongue with Lynda, but gives Vicky both barrels later on.

[Mike] “A juicy piece of gossip like that. She’ll love spreading it round!”

Vicky reckons Lynda is a true friend, so wouldn’t dare gossip.

I concur with Vicky. Lynda may have her faults, but a lack of loyalty isn’t one of them.

But, of course, it isn’t really Lynda that Mike is furious about. It’s the whole situation they (and their baby) find themselves in.

[Vicky] “I don’t know what you’re saying Mike because you’re not talking.”

[Mike] “I’m not talking because you're not listening. You won’t listen to me. You’ve already made your mind up.”

[Vicky] “I have no choice.”

Mike storms off …


Mike’s right that he really doesn’t have a say. Vicky’s the only one who can make their mind up.

But how is Vicky supposed to cope, let alone explain her feelings, when Mike just shouts and leaves?

Pavel tries to seduce Ian

Pavel calls round at Ian and Adam’s. He wants to see Adam, but he’s out. He tells Ian that he’s bored, bored, bored.

[Pavel] “I’m going  out of my mind, with boredom, there’s nothing to do. I need to get away from the caravans.”

So Ian invites him in for dinner and wine while they wait for Adam to get back from work.

Ian’s also rudely interrupted by phone calls from Neville Booth, Oliver Sterling (and the like) wanting to know more about hot to make the perfect bread (for the Flower and Produce Show).

Pavel asks Ian to sit right next to him, so that he can hear him better. Ian, oblivious, does so:

[Pavel] “Maybe they aren’t interested in the bread. Maybe it’s you … I like guys who make things. It’s sexy …”

(Pavel tries to kiss Ian)

[Ian] “That’s out of line!”

[Pavel] “For fun!”

Ian does not agree, and sends Pavel packing (after he’s allowed to finish his wine. Ian still has his manners).

And Ian being Ian, he tells Adam what happened when Adam gets back in. By that time, Ian can see the funny side of it.

[Ian] “He’s got all the patter … before you know it, bang, hand on the thigh and in for the big kiss!”

[Adam] “You’re not serious … it wasn’t a joke?”

Ian plays it down. And takes the Michael out of Adam for suggesting that Pavel couldn’t find him (Ian) attractive).

[Adam] “All the same. It shouldn’t have happened.”

[Ian] “Hey, you don’t think for one second I was tempted? … of course I wasn’t. Why would I want a quick fumble with a silly kid like Pavel, not when I’ve got you Adam?”

Ah, that must have been a sting to Adam’s guilty conscience.

If only he was half the man that Ian was … he’d have told Ian about the one night stand with Pavel, and dealt with the consequences head on.

Instead, he’s got to continue lying, and now has the worry that Pavel will keep using his special charms to get Ian into bed.

But Adam doesn’t need to worry.

As I said, Ian’s twice the man Adam is.

Adam’s found to something to like about the Super Dairy
Well, I don’t suppose we can blame him. He’d need to have at least one thing to stay positive and sane about.

David was mentioning he’d seen lorries arriving at Valley Farm (the one with the swifts, whom one assumes will not be as welcome back next year). Adam tells him their getting the start of the foundations down, and also the anaerobic digester.

Adam’s a fan of the ‘AD Unit’. Seems it’ll produce enough power foe the whole dairy, the workers’ accommodation and also to sell back to the grid.

He also thinks Brian should have covered the Super Dairy in solar panels to generate even more power.

[Adam] “The more you control your energy. The less you get mucked about.”

Hmmm … is that more about Adam Vs Brian than Adam saving the planet or their business money?

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