Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lance and Kenton are alive: Thurs 06.09.12

(and that’s another ‘season’ of Ambridge Extra done and dusted, folks)

Ambridge Extra Thursday 6th September 2012

  • “You bloody idiot”
  • Lance is a proper nutter
  • Jolene loves Kenton again
  • Poor Meriel …
  • “Ambridge is calling”

“You bloody idiot”

Is what Jolene says to Kenton when he pulls himself, and Lance, back onto the boat.

It really wasn’t that dramatic. We first heard Mel shouting at Jolene to keep calm, then Mel shouting at Meriel to keep her eye on something, then Mel shouting at Jolene to handle something else (the main sheet?) … all so that she could about tack (turn the boar around, one assumes) to pick up Kenton and Lance.

Lance was then flown out to hospital, but Kenton reckoned he was fine:

[Kenton] “Just had a little swim, that’s all.”

[Mel] “You could have been killed. What were you thinking?!!”

Lance is a proper nutter

When they get back to land, the Police call round to see if Kenton and co. can tell them anything more about Lance. Seems he’s wanted back in Australia for trying to steal a yacht, assault, affray and such.

The Police are rather inept, as when Lance is discharged from hospital, he isn’t arrested and sent back to Australia. He manages to walk out, and turn up to say his goodbyes to Kenton and co.

Well, he really just wants to drive Kenton to a bank so that he can get “his” money.

So Kenton sends the womenfolk away to get beer and sandwiches from the kitchen while he keeps Lance talking.

Course, they’ve called the Police, who turn up to arrest and take Lance away … while he swears that he’ll get Kenton back.

Oooh … what a villain!

Jolene loves Kenton again

With the bad guy banged up in prison, Kenton and Jolene clear the air before they head home.

[Kenton] “I’m  sorry about what went on, and for not being honest about it.”

[Jolene] “No, I don’t care how you were in the past, yesterday p[roved what sort of man you are … if it had been me, I’d have let Lance take his chances … what you did was so brave and honourable … (what happened in the past), I reckon that was a different man. Not my Kenton.”

Poor Meriel …

Mel and Kenton also clear the air.

Seems Mel let Kenton think it was him that made her have an abortion because she felt so guilty about cheating on him, and getting pregnant by Lance.


And, she then made sure she got pregnant with Kenton to “redeem” herself. She wanted to have a baby she didn’t have to lie about.


That’s very unsound and strange reasoning.

And it means Meriel is just an apology.

Let’s hope she never finds out.

“Ambridge is calling”

So says Jolene.

And that’s that.

Was this ‘season’ of Ambridge Extra worth all the expense of flying those secret microphones over to Australia?

Yes and no.

It was good to hear more of Kenton’s non-Ambridge-past-life, but not sure we needed to meet Lance …

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