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Jazzer and Christine: Mon 17.09.12

The Archers Monday 17th September 2012
  • Was Christine flirting with Jazzer?
  • Darrell takes the floor boards up
  • Brian and Jennifer are genuinely supportive

Was Christine flirting with Jazzer?

Jazzer happens to be passing Christine’s when she’s struggling to get an armchair out of her front door. She was coping, and had managed to wedge it in.

[Jazzer] “I think that was the problem. You were pushing when you were pulling.”

Christine invites Jazzer in for tea and toast. Jazzer’s most delighted to accept:

[Jazzer] “As long as that bread isn’t a present from Jim!”

My word – Jazzer really is still smarting about losing the Flower and Produce Show – losing the bread competition to Oliver (and Jim, who came in second).

He’s still insistent he shouldn’t have been disqualified – bread from a  bread maker is still bread. Christine admits she also uses one.

[Jazzer] “Ah, there you see, if a respectable church going woman like you uses one …”

As they chat, Christine admits that she’s never been to see a stand-up comedian. Jim’s quite insistent she goes to see the forthcoming one (Tug Flower) at The Bull.

[Christine] “Jim’s trying to broaden my horizons.”

[Jazzer] “He’s tried that on me a couple of times but it hasn’t worked yet, but.”

(I have wondered about Jazzer’s rather over emphasised Scottish accent before. He’s obviously doing it to show off to his Sassenach pals, and it can often lead to him wandering through different Scottish accents and phrases. Using “but” at the end of a sentence is very much an Edinburgh habit. I thought Jazzer was most decidedly West Coast …)

When Jazzer mentions that he’s struggling for a flatmate, Christine said she’d move in, if she didn’t already have a home. Christine sounded quite genuine (and wistful) as she said it.

Could you just imagine what Christine and Jazzer living together would look like …

Christine also mentioned that she thought Jazzer was such a “strong, helpful young man”.

Sounds like a crush to me …

… Ambridge does Mrs Robinson?


Darrell takes the floor boards up

The pressure of Matt Vs Darrell’s morals Vs Rosa’s scooter seems to have driven Darrell slightly potty.

He’s finally doing Matt’s bidding (to inconvenience Arthur and Joyce to the point they move out, by lifting up the floorboards, and leaving them). But he’s doing so will still accepting the tea, cake and chat from Arthur and Joyce.

That’s not very nice. And not very like Darrell. Who is generally a nice chap.

He was even starting to annoy the unflappable Arthur.

Darrell has the upstairs landing up, and also the toilet. With Joyce’s hips, she won’t be able to get anywhere upstairs, including the toilet.

Darrell presses on regardless.

I suppose he also does have a washing machine off, so he must have decided to toughen up and get the money in.

Brian and Jennifer are genuinely supportive

Now that’s a rare thing indeed …

Mike called to say he’d be round to talk to them.

Though they were at first laughing about what Vicky’s christening invitations would look like (probably something tied to a teddy bear, reckoned Jennifer).

After Mike has been. Jennifer and Brian are a bit stunned. They wish they’d been pre-warned so that they could prepare.

[Jennifer] “ … then you might not have said what you said.”

[Brian] “Well I did my best. What are you supposed to say at a time like that?”

[Jennifer] “Well, not ‘my dear chap, I’m so sorry’ …”

[Brian] “Well, I’m not sorry the baby has Down’s Syndrome, I am of course … I wanted Mike to know how sorry I am for all the worry and heart ache they’re in for.”

Aye, I know what Brian means. He wanted to say that he was sorry, but not judging their baby for being any less a baby because it has a condition. What a minefield.

[Jennifer] “I just kept thinking, there but for the grace of god … I was 43 was Alice was born.”

And they both obviously have experience of being an older parent, because of Ruairi.

They reckon Vicky and Mike have a “long road” ahead of them. They’ll be there to give them all the support they need.

Neil was quite right.

Vicky and Mike certainly aren’t alone.


caroline_venezia said...

Interesting, Inga - I'd thought 'but' at the end of a sentence was a West Coast thing! (I think I've mainly noticed it in Christopher Brookmyre's books. Apropos of nothing, we still smile when we remember "they muslin mentalists" :-)) Could it be somewhere very specific in between?

Inga McVicar said...

Ah, that's a good point. Jazzer must be picking up all sort of habits!