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Pavel leaves, Adam tells Jennifer everything: Wed 19.09.12

The Archers Wednesday 19th September 2012
  • A last minute trip to Thailand
  • Folks are avoiding Mike
  • Vicky and Mike  = baby = no wedding for Tom
  • Pavel was a just a lost young ‘un?
  • Didn’t Adam realise Pavel was gay?!?

A last minute trip to Thailand

Oh aye, we can all just nip off and do that.

Seems Kenton and Jolene can certainly do so.

Funny thing that. Considering Jill paid for most of their trip …

Folks are avoiding Mike

Mike thinks his mates are avoiding him. Especially when he goes into The Bull.

[Tom] “Maybe they just don’t know what to say.”

[Brenda] “They knew what to say when he first told them … they were really nice then … if they’re saying what he thinks he might have said, and that’s what’s upsetting him.”

Seems Roy is taking Mike fishing on Saturday, so he’ll hopefully be able to talk properly then.

Thank goodness Roy’s not a ‘proper’ macho type bloke. Who would Mike (eventually) talk to if he was?

Vicky and Mike  = baby = no wedding for Tom

Are Tom and Brenda going to get married?

I had been saying, for a fair while, that Tom and Brenda have made little mention of their engagement or wedding. They seemed to make a fuss getting engaged, then that was that.

Recently, Tom’s been bringing it up.

Unfortunately for Brenda, mention of their wedding is in the same sentence as Tom’s bloomin’ ready meals …

Tom’s told Brenda he’s got them a nice supper ready.

Guess what?


Ready meals.

Brenda put a brave face on it though.

[Brenda] “ …that’s all a woman wants, a partner who knows how to use a microwave.”

[Tom] “You ain't seen nothing yet, wait til you hear about my plans for our wedding breakfast!”

[Brenda] “As long as they don’t involve ready meals, I don’t mind.”

Actually, I think Brenda does mind very much indeed. I thought she’d rather there was no wedding breakfast at all …

And right enough, Brenda finds her excuse.

Brenda was over at Vicky’s, showing her a website she’d found with a huge selection of wall freezes.

Vicky’s talking about how good it is that Mike seems to be on side again:

[Vicky] “He’s starting to want the baby now, that’s the difference …I was lucky to be pregnant at all, I’d given up hope … It makes it all the most previous. My daughter will always need me, and I’ll always be there to love and support her. Does that sound selfish?   I’ve got so much love to give a child, I’ve been saving it all these years, and now I know why, because my little girl is going to need all of it, every bit of it.”

(my word – that baby really couldn’t be hoping for a better mother)

When Brenda got back to Tom:

[Brenda] “I can’t believe how I’ve underestimated that women.”

Both she and Tom agree that they’re both committed to supporting Mike, Vicky and their baby.

Which Brenda reckons means putting the wedding on hold.

Tom had been thinking about dates, but:

[Brenda] “Not at the moment, not with this other stuff going on.”

Now, I’m not saying Brenda is callously using excuses, but it does seem a bit neat.

Hmmm …

Pavel was a just a lost young ‘un?

As Adam was trying to herd all of the fruit pickers to the airport, and onto their plane (were they all Polish?), Pavel had been desperately trying to get a word with Adam alone. When he finally does corner him:

[Pavel] “You know it was special for me … I’m not going to make a scene, but I couldn’t leave without telling you how great it was to be part of the wonderful life you and Ian have … you're very lucky, Adam, to have all this, and to share it with Ian. Look after him, he’s a lovely man. And I’ve had the time of my life.”


It would seem Pavel wasn’t a villain after all.

Just a young chap experiencing the world – and one where he could be himself without fear.

Still, I don’t quite believe Adam was the only other gay man in Borchester (apart from Ian). Surely Pavel could have spread his oats just a wee bit further?

Didn’t Adam realise Pavel was gay?!?

Adam’s back from the airport, feeling rather sheepish about the way he’s treated Pavel.

He was trying to pass it off as not having liked Pavel, but Jennifer knows better …

[Jennifer] “I’d have thought you’d have got on rather well … I wondered if perhaps he might be gay, having   a   hard time being accepted … call it a mother’s instinct, and you didn’t realise?”

[Adam] “No. I wish I had. I didn’t know he was gay until …”

[Jennifer] “You're not saying that something happened between you and Pavel?”

[Adam] “Yes something happened. I slept with him.”

Adam tells Jennifer that after the massive argument he’d had with Ian, he’d gone to a gay bar in Felpersham. Pavel was there. They had a few drinks. And, well … Adam realised Pavel was in fact gay.

Poor Jennifer has been there, heard it, dealt with it so many times. Having affairs really in the Aldridge (and Macy) family hobby.

[Jennifer] “But however bad the row was, he loves you so much … and with Pavel of all people! You were his boss!”

[Adam] “And the way I’ve behaved ever since has been worse, today I just couldn’t wait to see the back of him, and then, he was so generous to me. So kind, really.”

[Jennifer] “And you found you still had feelings for him?”

[Adam] “I did it with a vulnerable young man, finding his way in the world, what was I thinking …. I don’t know if I can live with the guilt.”

[Jennifer] “We’ll you’ll have to.”

[Adam] “Should I tell Ian?”

[Jennifer] “No. Absolutely not.”

[Adam] “But how am I going to make it right?”

[Jennifer] “Love Ian like he should be loved. Cherish every moment of your life together, and take care of what you’ve got. It’s so previous. And you know that now.”

I can see Jennifer’s point. Adam telling Ian wouldn’t make a difference for the better – just would ease Adam’s guilt.

But shouldn’t Ian be given the choice?

Wouldn’t Jennifer want to know if Brian wandered … again?

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