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Mike talks to Neil: Fri 07.09.12

The Archers Friday 7th September 2012
  • Matt gets cheeky
  • Who does Adam think he is?
  • Neil likes rubbing pigs’ ears
  • Susan’s desire to eat pig feed
  • “Until she found out she were one number short”
  • Tom hasn’t got a kitchen

Matt gets cheeky

[Matt] “I nearly sent a carrier pigeon but I was afraid you’d gone feral and might eat it!”

Poor Darrell. He can’t avoid Matt forever, so goes into the office to see him. Matt keeps him waiting. Not a great start …

[Darrell] “Matt, Danny’s waiting in the van!”

[Matt] “Well I hope you left a window open and a bowl of water … he’ll cope, he’s good at sitting on his backside doing nothing.”

Matt wants to know what Darrell’s been up to at Arthur and Joyce’s. He’s none too happy that Darrell hasn’t ripped up all of the floorboards yet. Darrell almost (almost) says an outright ‘no’ to Matt.

[Darrell] “You’re not that kind of landlord are you matt. You wouldn’t want to hurt them, would you?”


Good on you Darrell, turning Matt’s claims to Lilian round on him.

Who does Adam think he is?

Adam demands Pavel into the office.

He sounded like Lord of the Manor.

A Lord that’s been caught with the footman …

… or actually, the Lord who has to deal with a footman who he’s been dallying with, and who has now tried to dally with his … erm … wedded Lord. (well, Ian ain't no lady!)

[Adam] “You tried to get off with him!”

[Pavel] “You need to do what little Ruairi says. Chill.”

Pavel is entirely unrepentant at coming on to Ian. He reckons they have chemistry, so why not.

[Pavel] “Well, now you don’t like me, maybe he wants to make a mistake too …”

Pavel tells Adam that Ian was actually interested in him. That he enjoyed their kiss. That Ian has said it was “nice”.

What a liar! He didn’t even manage to engage with Ian lips, let alone have Ian tell him anything other than ‘get out’!

[Pavel] “You don’t like me anymore. Why mustn’t I try elsewhere?”

Neil likes rubbing pigs’ ears

And I’m sure the pigs like it too.

Susan’s desire to eat pig feed

 [Neil] “You know what I was just thinking?”

[Mike] “Pigs are awkward animals?”

[Neil] “The way she was hovering up the feed …”

Neil’s remembering a time when Susan was pregnant, and she was helping to feed the pigs.

[Neil] “I caught her staring at the pig nuts like she wanted to eat one.”

Seems it was Susan’s cravings time. Which sets Neil wondering about Vicky:

[Neil] “No funny little cravings?”

[Mike] “No, we ain’t been laughing that much actually.”

And at last, Mike talks about how he feels …

“Until she found out she were one number short”

(Mike’s blunt way of outing it, but I suppose he’s got every right)

[Mike] “everything’s got worse, like a big black cloud has come down on us, and I can’t see a way through … she thought she’d never have the chance to be a mother, this was like winning the lottery. Until we found she were one number short.”

Mike wonders aloud to Neil if it’d be better than they didn’t have the baby.

[Neil] “Is that what you want?”

[Mike] “I don’t know. But I feel so bad about it.”

[Neil] “If you feel so bad about it, maybe it’s not the right thing to do.”

Fair point Neil. But with Vicky determined to not consider any option other than having their baby, what choice does that leave Mike?

Well, none. None at all. Apart from leaving Vicky …

[Mike] “What’s worse Neil. Hoping through all that pain now, or saving it up, maybe a lost worse, for the future?”

Neil reckons no-one else than Mike and Vicky can decide on that.

But they need to know:

[Neil] “You’ve got your children. All of your friends. You do know you’re not facing this alone, don’t you?”

Mike gave  big sigh.

He did know that, but so desperately needed to hear it.

Thank goodness he’s finally talked to someone out of the family, who can look it at it from his point of view.

What he’ll do next, only Mike knows.

Tom hasn’t got a kitchen

Tom’s back on about his ready meals.

He reckons he needs 80 to 100 meals for a sampling, but he hasn’t got a kitchen large enough to cook them.

[Tom] “Yet another disadvantage of renting.”

Seems he and Brenda’s plan has always been to build their own house. In which, Tom plans to have a huge kitchen.

Actually, Brenda didn’t sound so keen …

… that’s another clue, I reckon.

What is going to happen about Tom and Brenda?

Their engagement is never to be?

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