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The Flower and Produce Show 2012: Sun 16.09.12

The Archers Sunday 16th September 2012
  • The Great Ambridge Bread Bake-off (men only)
  • Sunday Lunch at Willow Farm
  • Jazzer nae mates
  • Kenton and Jolene still aren’t home

The Great Ambridge Bread Bake-off (men only)

[Caroline] “Is this the famous Roman loaf?  …  what an interesting shape!”

Caroline’s introducing herself to Jim’s bread, as she’s having to stand in for Oliver.

He can’t make it because his daughter (Emma) has to work (on a Sunday … some sort of how powered firm who’s so bloomin’ important it gets to interrupt), her husband is away on business, and their kid is ill.

[Jim] “So grandchild to the rescue … that’s very altruistic of him.”

But it does mean Oliver will miss his “triumph” … if he wins. Jim’s feeling very confident, and most certainly feels he’s’ better than Neville Booth and Bert Fry.

[Jim] “To tell you the truth Caroline, I don’t care where I;m placed, as long as I beat them.”

Jazzer then crashes in with his last minute entry. He’s feeling just as confident.

[Jazzer] “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Breed making, easy peasy.”

He’s also feeling a tad impatient during the judging. Which he reckons they’re making a meal out of:

[Jazzer] “How difficult can that be, a carrot is a carrot, is it no?”

So, the winner was … Oliver!

[Jazzer] “Oliver first, Derek Fletcher second, and me nowhere.”

Jazzer reckons it’s a fix.

He’s especially annoyed Jim beat him with his Roman bread:

[Jazzer] “Breed that naebodies eaten since something or other BC, that’s just weird!”

[Jim] “It’s not weird, it’s authentic.”

Jazzer’s anger might have something more to do with him being disqualified. For using a bread maker. Seems he didn’t know that homemade bread generally doesn’t have a hole in the bottom.


Anyhoo, Ruth got highly commended for her chrysanthemums. And Jim also got a special prize from Ian for the “most interesting entry”.

[Jazzer] “This is a travesty. I demand a stewards’ enquiry!”

Well, it’s refreshing to have Jazzer demanding such, rather than Joe (as it most other years).

Sunday Lunch at Willow Farm

Is not something most of the Tucker family look forward to at the moment. Mainly due to Vicky and Mike’s current track record of not being able to behaving civilly to each other.

Roy and Brenda are on their way over.

[Brenda] “Big smiles, think positive.”

When Roy and Brenda arrive, Mike’s busy. Painting the baby’s room. Which comes a surprise to them – Mike hadn’t been coping last time they heard.

But now that he is, the family can finally start looking forward to Baby Tucker’s arrival.

[Brenda] “Can’t believe I;m going to have a sister, I’ve wanted one since I was 5 years old.”

As with Vicky, Brenda’s beyond excited, and doesn’t see the baby having Down’s Syndrome as a problem. Brenda reckons her fairy tales aren’t the so called-perfect norm, and she’s looking forward d to sharing those with her sister:

[Brenda] “Where the Princess ditched the Prince and ran off with the dragon.”

[Vicky] “I would like me to tell everyone that, well, this baby is special … it’s not as if it’s bad news.”

[Brenda] “Of course not.”

[Mike concurs] “No …”

Mike’s agreement that it’s not bad news didn’t sound exactly convincing. Maybe he needs a bit more time …

Jazzer nae mates

Well, ‘Jazzer nae flatmate’, to be exact.

He’s still having trouble trying to find someone to live with him after Harry moved out.

Seems two blokes were interested, came round, but decided not to move in. Jim wonders of Jazzer had bothered to tidy up.

[Jazzer] “I go for the lived in look, what to keep it homely.”


He is reaching desperation point. Harry paid to the end of the month, so he needs to either find someone willing to put up with his muck, or get the Mr Sheen out!

Kenton and Jolene still aren’t home

They must be going by a very, very, very slow boat.

They’d left New Zealand on 6th September.

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