Thursday, 29 November 2012

40p off of turkey slices: Thurs 01.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 1st November 2012
  • Ed and Emma are sleeping apart
  • Damn rural buses!
  • George is the poor kid
  • Will demands better

Ed and Emma are sleeping apart

Yup, things can get worse for them.

Emma’s even reminded of the time they had to live in the caravan … it is indeed really that grim.

The self-confessed Princess is really struggling. She was used to a “cosy “ home growing up, where Ed was used to ice on the inside of the Grundy household.

Though Emma is feeling philosophical:

[Emma] “Nanny used to say you should cut your clothes to match your cloth.”

She’s also being practical.

She’s decided she’s not going to London.

[Emma] “I can’t face Jody. Not like this.”

[Ed] “You look alright.”

[Emma] “You used to say I looked gorgeous.”

(oh dear! Amateur error there Ed)

[Emma] “I would love to go for a cappuccino just because … lippy … tube of hand cream …
I miss being careless … our life is either about 40p off a packet of turkey slices or an £87 water bill. There’s nothing in-between anymore. The fun things have all gone.”

As well as her schoolmate Jody having escaped Ambridge and now marrying a rich chap, Emma also has to watch other Ambridge ladies doing well. Alice, with her new job. Pip, going skiing.

[Ed] “We had to fight so hard to be together, now more than ever. We need to keep fighting, or this will tear us apart.”


Damn rural buses!

Emma’s literally stuck in the house now that they don’t have their car.

[Emma] “Especially since they cut the buses.”

Aye, same round our way.

It took me nearly 2 hours to do what would be a 20 minute journey in a car the other day. And that bus only runs every third Sunday at 6.30am.

Touch wood my van keeps it up!

George is the poor kid

Every class had at least one.

The kid who never had a decent lunch with them. Threadbare clothes. Often a bit smelly …

As Emma pulls out clothes for George that she’d taken from Ruth’s family sloppy seconds, she finds a football shirt.

Ed points out it’s for the wrong team, but Emma doesn’t give a hoot. It’ll do, even though:

[Emma] “He always looks the poorest in this class.”

Will demands better

George let slip to Will that he and Emma had been stranded in their car, next to a main road.

Will’s fuming.

[Will] “He’s been letting George ride around in a rust bucket … No wonder he was crying in the night.”

Strangely enough, Eddie then tells Will everything (according to Will – we didn’t get to hear it). I thought Eddie would have had more tact.

[Will] “Dad’s just told me they're living hand to mouth at Rickyard.”

And they’re in debt.

[George] “It’s not what I wasn’t for George. And what are they spending his maintenance on eh, cause it sure as hell ain't George.”

[Nic] “They wouldn’t deprive the children.”

[Will] “On bills I bet.”

(well, surely they need to use the maintenance for at least a share of the bills?)

[Will] “What if he's going hungry … I can’t bear the thought of it. It would be a start if he came to use more often.”

[Nic] “If you square it with Emma …”

[Will] “She doesn’t have a leg to stand on now!”

Though Nic tells Will to take it calm, do we hear a custody battle ahoy?

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