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Sex. In the bathroom: Fri 09.11.12 #thearchers

(again ... that shower scene ... *shudder*)

The Archers Friday 9th November 2012
  • Is there a Vitamin K?
  • Leonie bullies Brenda
  • At least Brenda has Christmas to look forward to
  • Lilian has seen what a mother should never see

Is there a Vitamin K?

Leonie wants it for James, Lilian didn’t even know there was one. (there is, though I had to Google it)

Leonie is making Lilian’s life a tad difficult. Between “snuggling” with James and demanding foods and stuff to make her beloved better.

Seems a mother’s love just isn’t enough.

[Leonie] “If you’re busy, I can easily look after James on my own”

Leonie bullies Brenda

Brenda just trying to do her job, but it’s not easy to do so in the Dower House.

Lilian shoos her away when she tries to get her to sign (already late) papers. Lilian would far rather answer her phone to Paul.

When Brenda tries to tell Tom how awful her day is, he’s yet again not interesting.

[Tom] “Well, never mind, it won’t be forever.”

(ah, that solved everything!)

But in the meantime, Brenda has to try and run Amside by herself.

[Tom] “And they’ll thank you in the end.”

Course they will!


Back at the Dower House, Brenda’s losses her temper with Lilian.

[Brenda] “How do you expect it run your business if you’re never around?”

[Leonie] “Excuse me … but s that anyway to talk to your employer?  … Lilian, let me. She ask you to wait. Now why don’t you just scurry along and do your job .”

[Brenda] “I’m sorry, Lilian is my boss. Not you. On paper anyway.”

[Leonie] “Are you going to stand for that!?!”

Luckily enough, James appeared in the room naked and distracted the ladies.

(oh, the shame!)

Back with Tom, Brenda’s saying she’d had enough, and she might quit.

He starts waffling on about hampers.

[Brenda] “Yeah Tom alright,. Can you just give it a rest for a while … I just need a bit of peace and quiet that’s all … Aren’t you listening to me? Can you not see how exhausted I am?”

So she goes off for a long bath and then bed.

I’m starting to feel sorry for Brenda …

At least Brenda has Christmas to look forward to

She does seem to perk up when Tom mentions he has plans for Christmas.

But, they perk right down again she realises he’s only on about ready meals again.

Lilian has seen what a mother should never see

Her son, having adult intimacy, in her bathroom

With Leonie Snell.

Nasty …

Lilian walked in on James and Leonie while:

[Leonie] “I was only helping James wash himself.”

Where did he need washed, is the question …

Now, I know James can do no wrong in Lilian’s eyes, but she surely can’t put up with this for much longer?

[Lilian] “They’ve turned city room into their love nest, and I’m scared to go into the bathroom.”

Says Lilian to Paul. Matt never seems to be around at the moment.

[Paul] “Does sound as though you could do with getting away for a while.”

So he invites her out for a coffee.

[Lilian] “Oh to hell with it, I need a pick me up … why not. Absolutely. That’d be lovely.”

James, Leonie and Matt all pushing Lilian to Paul.

This should be interesting.

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