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Susan’s want Ed and Emma to move in: Sun 25.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 25th November 2012
  • Susan’s final solution
  • Jolene’s surprised by Rhys and Fallon
  • Wassailing with guns
  • Ed says no

Susan’s final solution

Is for Ed and Emma to move in with her and Neil. That’d save the, a stack of money, giving them room to breathe.

Emma concurs, but thinks Ed won’t agree.

[Emma] “The thought of not having to find the rent every month would make such a difference …You know what he’s like mum, we can’t ask for help … He thinks all the situation is his fault.”

[Susan] “That’s just life. It isn’t anyone’s fault.”

[Emma] “But if we moved in with you it’d be like telling the while village we couldn’t cope.”

Emma points out the Susan and Neil didn’t exactly enjoy Tracey and her kids living with them. But Susan reckons that’s different. As for Ed:

[Susan] “You need to sit down with him quietly and talk it through. It’s not charity … it’s what families do.”

And anyhoo – how would Ed and Emma afford Christmas, let alone the business and their household bills?

Jolene’s surprised by Rhys and Fallon


[Jolene] “You and Rhys, who would have thought it!?!”

(erm … everyone)

Jolene’s delighted for Fallon, and tells her to have ‘fun’.

[Fallon] “We are doing, don’t you worry.”

(mothers and daughters really shouldn’t discuss their sex life, in my humble opinion)

Seems everyone knows about Rhys and Fallon. Susan saw Fallon leave Rhys’. Which means everyone else knows.

[Fallon] “Oh my god, I might as well put my diary up on the village website!”

Wassailing with guns

Is Jazzer’s idea for the Community orchard event.

He reckons they should hang targets in amongst the trees, then “blast” them with guns. Seems they do that in other cider orchards to drive away bad spirits and to guarantee a good crop.

Ed says no

[Ed] “I’m sorry, but it’s not going to happen.”

[Emma] “You're quite happy to go on like this, not knowing if we can feed the kids? … Tell me honestly why are you so against it.”

[Ed] “Because I care about this family. I want us to stay together.”

Emma reassures him they will stay together – just in someone else’s house. But Ed’s remembering when they had to stay in that caravan, with Emma eventually leaving him.

It also has a lot to do with his pride …

Even Neil thinks it’s a good idea. He and Susan have the room, Ed and Emma can’t afford their own house. It’s an obvious solution.

[Susan] “Let’s give the poor lad some space. He’s only just had this thrown at him.”

[Neil] “Well, that’s a pity … do you think it would help if I popped round and had a word with him … just to say we’re not doing this because we have to.”
Susan reckons not to do so – Ed ‘s pride couldn’t suffer such a chat.

[Ed] “Em, do you think that I want our kids to have a miserable Christmas?”

[Emma] “They don’t have to be.”

Ed’s going to ponder the matter.

He’d better be quick.

Every penny counts.

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