Thursday, 29 November 2012

Emma gives George up: Wed 07.11.12 #thearchers

(though only for a few more nights)

The Archers Wednesday 7th November 2012
  • Ruth needs a coven
  • Nic tackles Emma
  • Even Jennifer’s ignoring Lilian
  • Bovril!
  • Ed’s worried what they’ll say down the pub

Ruth needs a coven

Ruth and Usha want to do Macbeth’s witches for Lynda’s Elizabethan Christmas.

They’ve asked Susan and Jill.

Ruth asks Ed if Clarrie would do it:

[Ed] “Funnily enough, I couldn’t tell you.”

(where is Clarrie and why can’t she speak for herself?)

Though it seems Ruth does get a message to Clarrie, and she says no.

Hilary Noakes has also said no. Actually, she was offended to be asked.

So – after Susan, Jill, Clarrie and Hilary Noakes – Ruth asks Lilian.

[Lilian] “It might be a distraction, All the girls together!”

[Ruth] “Brilliant. Welcome to the coven!”

Nic tackles Emma

Nic tries to talk to Emma about George spending more time at her and Will’s. Though she does so by phone (which is sensible – impossible for Emma to cause bodily harm).

She tries to explain that it her and Ed who are missing out, rather than the kids. She knows Ed and Emma have been eating less, and having nothing for themselves, so that the kids can have.

Nic tells Emma that she, amongst all, understand her position. Nic was a single mum with Jake and Mia before she met Will. She had no job. Didn’t get out. Could only afford to heat their lounge. And had to buy alphabetti spaghetti on clearance.

[Nic] “I couldn’t bear for anyone to see how much I was struggling … we all go through tough times. There’s no shame in accepting help.”

Nic and Will are only suggesting George stays with them one extra night. And Nic empathises that she’s not suggesting she and Will could look after George better.

[Nic] “Anyone can see what a  great mum you are. I know we haven’t always got along, but we are family and we all care about George. If having George over to sleep one extra night helps you and Ed …”

Nic also tells Emma that Will’s sorry (hmmm!). And anyone, Emma should just ignore him.

[Nic] “We both know he can be an idiot sometimes!”

Even Jennifer’s ignoring Lilian

[Lilian] “She’s at the front door as soon as I’ve finished breakfast, and she’s still cooing over James at dinner.”

Lilian’s trying to talk to Jennifer, but Jennifer is far too busy. She’s trying to get the food organised for the shoot (the first of the year).

[Lilian] “All I want is a little support.”

Lucky Lilian has Paul …


Only really posh folks like those whom shoot with Brian and Will drink beef tea.

It’s Bovril to the rest of us.

Especially at this time of year at the football.

(as a totally unrelated aside – I’m a season ticket supporter at Queen of the South (Scottish second Division) who are the only unbeaten team in Scotland this season so far, and only one of two unbeaten on the UK. That Bovril tastes superb right now!)

Ed’s worried what they’ll say down the pub

Emma tells Ed what Nic has said.

Ed says no.

Emma thinks Nic is genuine. And that Nic is right. They’re not coping.

Ed’s worried Will will tell everyone down the pub that he and Emma are useless.

[Emma] “Well, it’s what George wants too.”

Emma drops the bombshell that George had said so the other day. He wants to spend more time at his dad’s to help his mum and Ed save money.

Which it would.

[Emma] “It’s hardly surprisingly. It’s not as if things are much fine round here.”

[Ed] “Things aren’t so bad that he’d be better off with Will!”

[Emma] “I actually started to think it would be a relief not having George so much … we can’t stop pretending … Will is his father. If anyone looks after George, it should be him.”


[Ed] “I see.”

[Emma] “Where are you going?”

[Ed] “To scrape a living.”

Later on, Ed apologies to Emma for storming out.

[Ed] “I hate Will lording it over us.”

[Emma] “Still doesn’t change anything, does it … this way … it might be better for all of us. It'd give us a break. George would like it. And it would save a bit of money.”

Emma is placing her trust in Nic. That she is being genuine. And that they won’t try and take more of George.

[Emma] “I know you’re a good dad. And if Will gloats, then let him. As if that’s the worst of our problems.”

[Ed] “I will sort it out Em. It won’t always be like this.”


Ralph Corderoy said...

I empathise with Ed and Emma's predicament but fail to believe Ed wouldn't have talked to Oliver or David about the business side of things. They'd probably suggest going over the figures and would either state the truth, not a going concern with current prices, or spot savings from experience.

caroline_venezia said...

Congrats on your team's season- that must be fun! DH who is a Swansea City supporter is also quite happy.

Thinks - nobody ever mentions whatever their local team is in Ambridge, do they? Although county cricket has been mentioned, I think (Worcestershire?).

Inga McVicar said...

I agree with you Ralph - but I suppose Ed isn't the brightest spark, and also has a HUGE issue with asking for help. Pride ...

Inga McVicar said...

Cheers Caroline! Queen of the South continue our march back to the 1st division - still only lost 1 league game. I see Swansea City are doing just fine as well.

Local team, as in footy? There is a footy team in Borchester, I think. One of their players attacked Ian a while back (boooo!). And there's the local Ambridge cricket team. But yes, not much of a sporting community.

caroline_venezia said...

Mm, wouldn't you think the odd person might sometimes mention whoever are their nearest big football team? No idea who that would be, mind - DH advises me that neither Birmingham City & Coventry City are big at the moment. Football just not very Radio 4? :-) Or just of a piece with nobody in Ambridge ever watching TV?

Inga McVicar said...

You're right - now ytou mention it, it is odd we don't hear more about the local big footy team. Or rugby team. Sport is a big thing in rural areas.

Ed did mention that Emma had got the wrong team's shirt for George out of Josh's cast offs, but he didn;t say who that was, or who would be the right one.

Birmingham or Coventry sound right. Well done DH!