Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lilian’s favourite film is Steel Magnolias: Fri 02.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 2nd November 2012
  • Jim to be published, Mike to be famous
  • Cheese scones
  • Will and Ed argue
  • Lilian picks a good DVD
  • Paul and Lilian flirt
  • Daniel wants an internship in America

Jim to be published, Mike to be famous

Borchester Life has said yes to Jim’s article about Mike. Indeed, they’ve said yes to a series of similar articles.

[Jim] “Workmanlike and accessible … so you see, I have got the common touch.”

Christine admits she goaded Jim into doing the article:

[Jim] “Well, to use Jazzer’s vernacular, I’m gobsmacked.”

Cheese scones

[Christine] “Have you bought the paper … then we can tackle the crossword over a cheese scone.”

[Jim] “Temptress.”

And after they’d had their scones:

[Jim] “The scones are revelatory today .”


Such fiery flirting!

Will and Ed argue

That’s more familiar territory for them. I always had the feeling their cease fire was quite strained.

Will goes to Ed and Emma’s to tackle them about George suffering due to their poverty.

[Will] “Personally, I wouldn’t care if you lived in the gutter, but it’s affecting George …I am, not having him go hungry because of you pride.”

[Ed] “You're overstepping the mark!”

[Will] “I’m putting George first, which is something you’ll never do.”

Will then drops the bombshell that he and Nic think George should spend more nights at theirs.

[Will] “ … be happier knowing his tummy was full more often … He’s not safe with you. You can’t look after him properly … It’s good at least one of us can provide for him, since he’s living like a pauper here … you’ve got no self-respect, you never have had!”

[Ed] “You know what, I hope this shoot collapses and you lose your previous job … your smug little world come crashing round your ears!!!”

Lilian picks a good DVD

Seems James is up and about now.

And he’s feeling grateful to Lilian. He even thanked her for getting him a good DVD (after being highly critical of Lilian and Matt’s collection).

[Lilian] “That just goes to show how the men in this household underestimate me.”

Paul and Lilian flirt

And  in a  rather more serious manner than Christine and Jim …

Paul called Lilian while she was in her bedroom for a wee lie down. Paul was in a B&B bedroom.

Lilian asked him what his room was like:

[Lilian] “So I can picture you in it.”


Seems the wonderful DVD Lilian had got for James was chosen by Paul … so Lilian isn’t as entirely independently wonderful as she made out.

Paul asks Lilian what her favourite film is.

Steel Magnolias was Lilian’s reply.

(really? I thought Barbarella, or the like, would be more Lilian’s style)


Those two are most definitely in the opening stages of a relationship. Wonder how fare Lilian will let it get to this time.

Daniel wants an internship in America


If he does do, we’ll have to start taking bets on how many years it’ll be until he returns.


caroline_venezia said...

Didn't you assume Daniel was just going to end up working with Usha, since that's evidently the only solicitor's in Borsetshire? :-)

Inga McVicar said...

They made a big fuss about Daniel doing work experience with Usha (what with Shula and Usha still not quite talking), but it seemed to go fine.

Maybe Daniel is thinking beyond Ambridge ... shock!