Thursday, 29 November 2012

James and Leonie are back together *sigh*: Sun 04.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 4th November 2012
  • Maybe better choose a cheaper car?
  • Lilian thought it was bad enough … then Leonie arrived
  • George’s squash isn’t strong enough
  • George wants to stay with Will

Maybe better choose a cheaper car?

Ed and Emma are our choosing a car.

Ed wants to get one that’s more than they afford. He wants to make sure he has a super safe one, and he can also still hear Will taunting him.

Them getting the car means Ed will have to get extra work in somehow.

Petrol Pump guy, doorman … anything.

Trouble is, there isn’t anything.

And if there was, would Ed have time?

Lilian thought it was bad enough … then Leonie arrived

Poor Lilian.

Her menfolk are driving her potty.

She’s crying to get supper sorted. Matt’s getting in the way (muttering “stupid idiot” to James under his breath). James in getting in the way, trying to poor himself some wine.

Matt reaches for the carving knife. James drops the wine. Then the door goes.

It’s Leonie.

She’d rushed over after hearing about James’ “horrific accident”.

And … they reconcile.

[Leonie] “Still, at least if there is a silver lining, I’m here now … maybe it’s fate. I have missed you, James.”

James concurs.

[James] “I should have been more understanding. You can’t help being you. That’s what makes you so special. You’re my silly sausage!”

Leonie has even taken a week’s compassionate leave. So she can stay around to help.

On that bombshell, Matt leaves the room to go to meet a colleague (on a Sunday!).

Lilian begs to go with him, but he refuses.

Bad Matt!

Yet another black mark against him.

George’s squash isn’t strong enough

Which will be Emma trying to make it last.

But it doesn’t taste of anything.

Poor wee George.

George wants to stay with Will

Ed comes back home, and manages to wind the whole family up.

[Emma] “We were all perfectly happy until you came back from your dads!”

George runs off crying.

When Emma goes to see him, he asks if he should stay with his dad more often.

George reckons that it would cost his mum and Ed less. And also make them more happy … aw!

Emma tells George that’s adult worries, not his.

But she should listen to him.

It may be hard, but she and Ed need every penny they can get.

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