Friday, 30 November 2012

Ed agrees to move: Mon 26.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 26th November
  • Shire Brewery at Lower Loxley
  • Freddie’s trying to guess everyone’s weight
  • Santa’s grotto
  • Lilian makes lunch for Joyce
  • Ed and Emma give notice
  • Lilian needs Paul

Shire Brewery at Lower Loxley

And so it begins.

Out of necessity, Roy and Elizabeth are commercialising more of Lower Loxley. Including selling sponsorship and creating partnerships with local businesses.

Seems Shires Brewery are very interested. Some chap called Steve Pritchard will be coming along from the Brewery.

Freddie’s trying to guess everyone’s weight

Seems Ifty’s maths tutorship has inspired him.

[Elizabeth] “He’s enjoying it. It’s bound to change his attitude to maths.”

Santa’s grotto

Roy’s off to check it.


Christmas is a-coming!!!

Lilian makes lunch for Joyce

Lilian visits Joyce. She’s a tad annoyed that Matt has been there and didn’t mention it to her (again). Joyce knew about James’ accident.

Joyce was about to sit down to bread and cheese for lunch, but Lilian insists she get the ingredients and make them a light lunch.

Since Arthur died, Joyce has been very lonely in their old house. She wants to move.

[Joyce] “Life goes on, doesn’t it?”

Lilian makes her promise to tell her if she ever needs helps with anything.

Joyce thanks her, but we all know it’s far too little, too late.

Matt good as killed her husband.

Ed and Emma give notice

They talk to David to tell them they’re leaving Rickyard.

David’s stunned. Though he knew they were having some financial issues, he didn’t know it was as bad as this.

[Emma] “All we can say is we’re very sorry.”

David offers to cut their rent for a few months, but Emma politely declines. That would only scratch their money worries. David accepts defeat.

[David] “It’s going to be so strange not having you across the yard.”

[Ed] “We’re going to come through this. And We’ll be stronger,. As a family.”

Lilian needs Paul

After seeing Joyce, Lilian is understandably upset.

So, she calls Paul. He doesn’t answer, but she begs him to call back.

[Lilian] “Please. Soon.”

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