Friday, 30 November 2012

Matt makes a promise: Fri 30.11.12 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 30th November 2012
  • Mike’s concerned for Mike
  • Matt wants to talk
  • The Grundys plan to sell their turkeys
  • Eddie defends Ed

Mike’s concerned for Mike

Mike’s heard about Ed’s financial problems.

Mike tells him he’ll do everything to help. But Ed does slightly blame milk for the cut in the prices he’s getting for his milk. Mike squarely blames his customers and supermarkets.

[Mike] “We’ll come through it, I'm sure, but I do need to know your business is sound.”

[Ed] “It is sound.”

Harsh of Mike – but he has got a baby on the way.

Matt wants to talk

So he suggests he and Lilian go to the new place at Websterbridge.

[Lilian] “I don’t think so Matt.”

[Matt] “I’m aware things aren’t; right. We need to have a proper talk. To see if we can clear the air a bit.”

[Lilian] “I don’t see the point.”

[Matt] “The point is you're not happy … and that really troubles me … we used to be such a  great team, if the wheels are coming off I want to fix them.”

[Lilian] “Maybe they can’t be fixed.”

[Matt] “Oh don’t say that puss … all those plans, we can’t just let them go.”

He manages to persuade Lilian to go to lunch.

Matt then tries to persuade Lilian that though while he realises he can be “impetuous” (ha!), he wants to make everything better. He promises he’ll change, slow down and take the time to explain.

[Lilian] “Where so I fit in to this grand vision of yours?”

[Matt] “You're in the centre of it, always have been.”

[Lilian] “It doesn’t always feel like that.”

But Matt won’t be deterred. With his “go-get” and Lilian’s “sensitivity”, they can make a real difference. He didn’t quite clarify whether that difference was to them, or to others.

And let us not forget that all of this is using Lilian’s, not Matt’s, money.

[Lilian] “Matt, I’ve heard all this before. Done this, got the t-shirt.”

[Matt] “I told you puss, I’m twice the man when I’m working with you.”

[Lilian] “I’d like to believe that, I really would … but I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.”

[Matt] “Well, you can. I promise you. You can.”

Aye, we’re all heard that before.

And I doubt Lilian will fall for it.

She’s got Paul now.

The Grundys plan to sell their turkeys

Lynda was right.

The Grundys have spotted that the Community orchard event could be the perfect place to sell their turkeys.

They ask Mike if he’ll tell folks as they come in, but Mike says he can’t be selling stuff.

[Joe] “Ain't commercial, it’s a public service, our turkeys.”

Eddie defends Ed

Joe’s entirely in favour of Ed and Emma moving out of Rickyard.

[Joe] “Good thing too, paying out all that rent to the Archers.”

Joe then gets very grumpy when Mike suggests that Ed’s business isn’t doing well.

[Eddie] “You've got nothing to worry about, so if you hear anyone saying anything different, you can put them right, can’t you.”

Joe and Eddie then go round to cheer up Ed.

[Eddie] “To make sure you’re okay, and to say, well, we’ve very proud of you … I know you didn’t want to move … and I still want to tell you, you're doing a great job.”

As far as Eddie sees it, at least Ed is trying.

And Eddie should know. He grew up on Grange Farm. He lost Grange Farm.

[Eddie] “And I’d know if something was going wrong. And it isn’t … this farm is in as good as a shape as I ever seen it. And that’s up to you  … I was stupid and lazy, that’s why we lost it. I don’t see it in you, you’re working hard, and you’re committed to the farm and your family. And that’s why we’re proud of you Eddie.”

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